Angelique McKenzie

Corporate Business Administrator

Angelique is highlighted with over 15 years of experience and a strong integral component of the Fitneff Team.  Angelique brings exceptional skills in business management, administration, planning and accounting to the forefront of her skill set.  Angelique’s experience as an Office Manager saw her oversee and execute on accounting systems, client reports, yearly filings, bank and credit management, invoicing and payroll and expense reporting.

Angelique’s diversity continues to stretch from a technology standpoint as well.  Adapting to countless software programs has given Angelique a very unique understanding of business adaptation and development.  Whether it’s accounting software, an Office Application, Adobe Photoshop or the many others, Angelique has developed a strong learnings in anything that gets tossed her way.

Q&A with Angelique

Q: Best quality about yourself?
A: My sense of humour.
Q: Best quality that others would say about you?
A: I am not sure. You'd have to ask them!
Q: One food you despise?
A: Cabbage. Cabbage. Cabbage.
Q: One food you cannot live without?
A: Is wine considered a food?
Q: Favourite Physical Activity?
A: Taking my dog for a walk.
Q: Favourite Sport to Watch/Play?
A: I have never really been a sports person.
Q: Favourite exercise?
A: Walking.
Q: Least favourite exercise?
A: Old fashion sit ups.
Q: Favourite healthy snack?
A: Fruit
Q: Best time to work out?
A: When my son naps. I only wish he still took naps.
Q: Favourite guilt food?
A: ​Good old Chocolate cake.

March 25, 2015 — Devon Bolton