Fitneff to Demo the WalkTop Treadmill Desk in Downtown Calgary May 13-14, 2015

To introduce The WalkTop to curious Calgarians, Fitneff is hosting a two day Pop Up Demo Event in one the city’s most prestigious new buildings – Eighth Avenue Place (525 8th Ave SW) from 8am – 6pm Wednesday May 13 – Thursday May 14th.

On hand will be two of the three co-founders, Calgary’s Ron Bettin and Devon Bolton to engage local media, meet the public, answer questions, and let people put the WalkTop through its paces for themselves.

Why in such a public place? “Simple,” explains Bolton. “To address the curiosity about treadmill desks – to “demystify” the experience. In general, and then specifically with the WalkTop, which is a brand new concept. Do they work? Are they right for everyone? What does it FEEL like to work on one? What do they cost and what are the benefits? What is the expected “return on investment?” How would I actually USE it in my work life or lifestyle?“

“We’re ready to field questions from folks who may think it’s a passing trend or not quite right for them,” says Bettin. “We’re about getting the dialogue going…as much feet moving.”

“Everyone has heard about the negative effects of sedentary lifestyles in the media by now. It’s interesting to read the studies, or see pictures or ads for treadmill or standing desk solutions. But until you actually TRY one in person – you just don’t know,” says Bolton.

That’s why Fitneff is giving anyone who has ever been curious, or even skeptical, a chance to come “Give the WalkTop a Try.”

That’s not all. Anyone who tries the experience receives a special Discount Code Card for $80 off the purchase price. Visitors will also learn about how to win a WalkTop treadmill desktop from Fitneff, footwear and apparel from New Balance and a treadmill from BodyCraft.

May 04, 2015 — Angelique McKenzie
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