Introducing CoreChair

April 7, 2016

by: Heather Lielmanis

CoreChair is an active sitting solution that allows you to receive the core strength benefits you would from a stability ball, but with postural support. Here at Fitneff, we were excited to find another Canadian company with a similar philosophy, and that allows people to incorporate movement into their workday.

CoreChair is a natural extension to the suite of products offered by Fitneff and we are delighted to announce that the CoreChair is now available on In celebration of this announcement, we are presenting a limited time offer when you purchase the CoreChair on Simply use the discount code FITNEFFCC2016 at checkout.

 Now, here is a word from Patrick Harrison.

 Active Sitting Fitneff CoreChair

The Benefit of Movement

The verdict is in; the human body performs best when movement is a key ingredient in how we spend our day.

All of us were healthier before we came to rely on luxuries of modern living such as cars, escalators and drive thru’s, and before our love affair with technology which encourages sedentary lifestyles. It turns out that when we analyze our usual daily activity we are only active for 3 out of 24 hours.

Research shows that the sedentary affect of immobility seriously impacts our quality of life, life expectancy and musculoskeletal health.

Even those of us who diligently visit the gym 3 to 5 times per week but spend the rest of the day sitting or standing without moving, discover that the benefits of regular exercise are diminished by these prolonged sedentary episodes.

Sedentary lifestyles dramatically affect our body’s ability to regulate blood glucose, impact our vascular reactivity and impede the body’s natural defense systems by minimizing the capabilities of our lymphatic system.

Making matters worse, the physical positions we assume while being sedentary contribute to the alarming statistics that 80% of our population have endured at least one significant back injury in their life and 30% of the population is currently seeking some form of therapeutic intervention.

The cost of both of these outcomes is staggering, both in terms of individual discomfort and reduced productivity, as well as the business impact of absenteeism, presenteeism, reduced productivity and health benefit costs.

In response to headlines warning that “sitting is the new smoking”, the workplace turned to standing instead of sitting. It is now conclusive that it doesn’t matter whether you sit or stand, we need to move. The question is, how much?

Certainly it is encouraged that we all assume a regular exercise regime and standard guidelines of 20 minutes a day of rigorous activity seems to be a good start. But what else can we do? It appears that even incidental (or periodic) movement can contribute significantly. This means adding simple movement throughout your day: sit, stand, have walk and talk meetings, stretch every 30 minutes during boardroom marathons and even simple fidgeting can add to your daily health by keeping your blood flowing. We don’t necessarily need to move intensely; we just need to keep moving.

CoreChair provides the opportunity to incorporate good posture and movement into our sitting time. Active sitting allows one to strengthen core stabilizing muscles, mobilize joints negatively affected by the chronic effects of poor positioning and gravity, stimulate nerve impulses and circulation that keep these muscles activated, and hydrate the intervertebral discs to ensure a healthy back.

Feel better, work better and live better with movement!


About:  Patrick Harrison is CEO and Founder of CoreChair. With a degree in Kinesiology specializing in sports medicine, he has always had a passion for understanding what the sitting body needs. His previous success in designing specialized seating for persons dependent on wheelchairs for mobility inspired his development of a healthy seating solution for those who find themselves confined to a desk environment.



April 08, 2016 — Heather L



Shirley said:

I love my CoreChair, it has allowed me to stay active while sitting- I can highly recommend it to anyone who sits for work

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