Treadmill Desks (aka Walking Workstations) Research Links

Fitneff advocates that the human body is meant to move but often today’s office environment keeps employees sedentary. And prolonged sitting, which is a sedentary behaviour, actually decreases workplace productivity and even morale which comes at a high cost to employers. And so we strongly suggest rethinking work habits, and encourage companies to incorporate movement into the workday supporting for example, productivity, boosting mental agility and leading to great overall returns (Source1).

"The Health of your employee has a direct correlation to the health of your company.  Is the cost of an unhealthy workplace affordable? The answer is no, it is not affordable".

Forbes: "Treadmill Desks Boost Productivity"

PLoS Ons: "Treadmill Workstations: The Effects of Walking while Working on Physical Activity and Work Performance"

Fast Company: "Everything Science knows about Standing Desks"

Science Direct: "A systematic review of standing and treadmill desks in the workplace"

Since Direct: "The delayed effect of treadmill desk usage on recall and attention"

Journal of Experimental Psychology: "Give your ideas some legs: The positive effect of walking on creative thinking."


Treadmill Desks FitneffTreadmill Desk Fitneff

April 26, 2016 — Laurel Walzak



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