Product Feature - Integrate Desk Pedals

June 2, 2016

By: Heather Lielmanis

At Fitneff, we carefully select products that will allow you to stay productive while you integrate movement into workday. Many of us are faced with the same challenge every day – we need to get our work done, but studies continue to show that sedentary behaviour is bad for our health. At Fitneff, we believe that you can be active without sacrificing productivity.

The IntegrateTM Desk Pedals are extremely effective at allowing us to do just that. If you have to be seated, why not allow yourself to keep moving? This product allows us to make otherwise sedentary time healthier by working leg muscles, engaging core muscles and burning calories.

While seated, place the IntegrateTM Desk Pedals in front of you. Place the balls of your feet on the non-slip pedals and just start moving! The pedals work in both forward and reverse directions to target different muscle groups, and the adjustable tension controls allow you to increase or decrease resistance levels. The fluid motion is silent, and the monitor tracks strides per minute, total strides, use time, and calories burned.

The IntegrateTM Desk Pedals are designed to fit under your desk, so it is possible to use them while working on your computer. However, the truth is that they can be used in the office and in the home. Anytime you are seated, you can pedal!

We are extremely proud to share these examples of how IntegrateTM Desk Pedals have provided a solution to many different kinds of challenges:

  • A simple, easy-to-use solution to get movement into the daily routine of the elderly with limited mobility
  • A low-impact way to keep joints moving and blood circulating for people with leg, hip, knee or ankle injuries
  • A convenient way to keep blood circulating and reduce leg pain for people with Diabetes
  • A space saving solution for people with a small condo or apartment
  • A solution for parents who are concerned that their teens are watching too much TV or playing video games for hours at a time

So, if you have to be sitting, make the most of it with IntegrateTM Desk Pedals.

Click here to see IntegrateTM Desk Pedals in action.



June 02, 2016 — Heather L

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