The SheEO Spotlight Series

The SheEO Spotlight Series showcases the talent and radical generosity of the SheEO Community, one entrepreneur at a time. By Anna Wolle

Laurel Walzak is a positive and driven woman whose love of sport and healthy living has translated into her entrepreneurial pursuits. As a co-founder and the Chief Operating Officer of Fitneff, Laurel promotes the importance of living healthily even while on the go. She and her team are driven to help businesses incorporate physical movement and other healthy practices into the work routine to boost the productivity and mental agility of their employees. Here, she shares about her eye-opening executive MBA education, her sources of motivation, and her passion for sport and wellness.  

SheEO spotlight series Laurel Walzak

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The SheEO Spotlight Series Laurel Walzak

June 07, 2016 — Laurel Walzak

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