2020: Year of Clarity


Happy New Year! Do you get it? Clarity like crisp, flawless 20/20 vision. It is a new year, a new decade, and it is still the same you, just with renewed focus for a goal! Part of achieving a set goal is outlining a plan, committing to small changes, and setting a timeline. We like to follow the SMART format for easy to follow goals that make them real and get done.  Last year, we announced our goals in a blog post and this declaration help us commit to them. So we are back at it again: the Fitneff team each shared their own resolution for 2020.



2020 Resolution: Focus on honing my piano skills

I have been attending weekly piano lessons all of 2019 and I’ve been really enjoying them so I will continue with them for 2020.  Music is a huge part of my wellness routine and helps destress from especially long days.


2020 Resolution: Sumo deadlift double my bodyweight

I’ve been going to the gym regularly for the past couple of years, focusing on weightlifting for overall strength. However, there have been plateaus in my training that I want to overcome. The first one I want to focus on is sumo deadlifting double my bodyweight. Why double? I already deadlift 155 lbs without breaking much of a sweat, so I want to up the ante by progressively overloading up to eventually adding up to a 45 lb plate on either end.  In 2019, I was wooed by new pursuits, such as indoor climbing, stand-up paddleboarding, and skiing, so consequently my gym attendance suffered. However, in 2020, I plan to dedicate 2 lifting sessions a week to training my sumo deadlift. If I slowly progressively overload 5 lbs every two weeks, I would achieve 250 lb work sets by end of September.




2020 Resolution: Run a full marathon

Over the past 2 years I have started running half marathons, these races have been a great challenge for me year after year. In 2020, I have signed up for my first full marathon! I’m so excited (and nervous) to take on this challenge. I will be running the Edmonton City Marathon on August 16th which gives me lots of time to train. My training plan starts in January and will include some half marathons along the way until I run the full 42kms in August. In the past, I have been really inconsistent with my training and had trouble working up to long distances. This year I will need to be very diligent with my training plan so that I am able to work up to the distance.




2020 Resolution: Have a more deliberate schedule

Even though every hour in my calendar was filled to the brim in 2019,  it was the sort of busy that didn't help me achieve my own personal and business goals. In 2020, I want to organize my calendar to block off time to so I can accomplish what I need to. Further, I really enjoy catching up on the news, however, I tend to spend too much time caught up reading articles. I hope to reduce these distractions by only limiting my news consumption during my commutes and evening wind downs.



2020 Resolution: Get down to 5.6% A1C and be more environmentally conscious


I’ve got several goals to accomplish in 2020 – first being, getting an A1C of 5.6% by year-end. A1C is blood sugar levels found in blood tests that tell me how well I have been managing my diabetes treatment.  Currently, my levels are hovering around 6.0%, which is below average for most diabetic adults, however if I can get it down to 5.8% or lower, it means that I am not at risk for long term complications.  I plan to lower my A1C through increasing activity, such as taking my dog out for longer walks, going skiing more often this winter season, and making the 5 km trek every time I go fly-fishing. I hope to achieve 5.8% A1C by March and eventually reach 5.6% by end of the year.

My second goal is to be more environmentally conscious. I have started making more conscious grocery purchases, such as buying big tubes of yogurt instead of the individual cups (which usually destined for the landfill even if thoroughly cleaned out). Also, over Christmas, I received beeswax covers and a silicone baking mat to replace the one-time-use plastic wraps and parchment papers I tend to use when cooking. I also plan to decrease meat consumption due to resource-intensive nature of raising livestock for consumption, so I will incorporate more meatless meals in my cooking repertoire. My environmental conscious goals won’t exclusively be a 2020 resolution, it is a commitment I hope to pursue as a lifestyle.


Cheers to the new year! We are looking forward to spreading fitness and efficiency through integrating movement in your daily life! Please let us know what goals you have for yourself in 2020 in the comments below.

January 02, 2020 — ANITA HSIEH

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