21 Active Office Furniture We’re Excited for in 2021

In 2020, many working professionals migrated from working in an office to working remotely from home due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The shift was near immediate, businesses began to adapt to the virtual office space and tools to continue collaboration and workflow. Homes, no matter the size, had to accommodate the full-time work capacity, such as, increasing internet speeds for video calls, rearranging furniture for (another) office, or even upgrading to a new desk/chair/audio/webcam to improve your office set-up. Thinking that the WFH movement would only be a temporary phase, we possibly gave temporary fixes to our home office woes.

But as we approach our first-year anniversary of working from home, we can no longer tolerate the slightly too low dining room table or the too tall kitchen island as a desk or being hunched over in a folding chair for 8 hours each day. In 2021, we want the best choices for our physical and mental wellbeing, which means that we need to make the necessary investment to upgrading our WFH offices. Check out the 21 active office products that brings more ergonomic enjoyment from working remotely in 2021.


  1. CoreChair Tango

active chair, core chair tango, corechair tango, chiropractic chair, core chair

When CoreChair released the Tango, we were extremely excited to see a lower priced version of one of our best sellers, The Classic. The two chairs share the same ergonomically design touting the sculpted seat cushion with low back rest, the core-engaging pivoting movement, and height adjustability. The main differences between the Tango and the Classic are:

The Classic has 5 levels of adjustable resistances (low resistance has the most pivot and high is the stiffest), high-end casters, recycled plastic bottle upholstery, and a 12-year warranty.

The Tango has a simplified pivot mechanism that is equivalent to the low resistance (akin to sitting on a yoga or exercise ball), standard casters, regular polyester upholstery, and 2-year warranty.

  1. Ergotron Workfit Mini – Z

The small footprint of all our desk converters, the Ergotron Workfit Mini – Z humbly boasts a footprint of just 31” x 21”, which is perfect for simple computer set up in tight spaces.

  1. Loctek Deskcise Pro FlexiSpot Desk Bike

desk bike, biking desk, cycle desk, tiktok bike desk

Blending your desk and exercise bike with the Loctek Deskcise Pro FlexiSpot Desk Bike! This active workstation is perfect for students or those professionals working just out of a single laptop. This fully adjustable workstation is on casters for ease of transport from one room to another that locks when in use. Pedal forward or backwards, with 8 resistance tension modes, and an LCD screen to track time used, calories burned and distance and revolutions pedaled.

  1. Varier Ekstrem

cool chair, modern furniture, music video chair

The beautifully, ergonomically designed Ekstrem from Varier begs to be photographed. Its open structure allows users to experiment with numerous ways of sitting, leaning, and lounging. Picture this modern piece in an office or in a living room, where you can take a phone call, draft short emails, or relax in style.

  1. Luxor Reclaim Acoustic Room Divider

room divider, acoustic room dividers, space divider

If working from home taught us anything is that our open concept living spaces don’t make the most productive workspace. That’s where the Luxor Reclaim Acoustic Room Divider comes in handy, you can set them up around you like a fortress which helps to block up to 80% of ambient noise and serves as a visual reminder that, yes, you are indeed at work.

  1. Kore Design Floor Wobbler

This balancing board is great for adults and kids alike due to its curved base and antimicrobial design. Balance boards helps users focus on tasks and even help dispel any excess energy or those with Restless Leg Syndrome. Children have the options of standing or sitting on the Floor Wobbler, when they are doing sedentary activities, such as reading, drawing, or attending online classes. We recommend that adult users pair their Floor Wobbler when standing at their sit-stand desk.

  1. Varier Move (Custom)

cool chair, varier move stools, active stools

A beloved favourite amongst the Active Goods staff, the Varier Move is the ideal chair for those who swap back and forth between perching and sitting at their sit-stand desk throughout the day. The Move comes in numerous colours that suit any space, we even have seen these chairs replace traditional bar stools at taller tables or kitchen islands. The rounded base and molded seat with full height adjustability make this an intuitive option for any user in their home or office space.

  1. Kore Design Sit-stand Mobile Desk

Kids sit stand desk, sit stand desk for kids, standing desk for kids, childrens sit stand desk

Remote learning is now the reality for most students as teachers share their lessons over Zoom, which means there is lots more passive sitting. Luckily, Kore Design introduced the Sit-Stand Mobile Desk, a children sized sit-standing desk on casters, that features an anti-microbial collapsible table-top for easy maintenance and storage, and height adjustability to suit the user's stature. Of course, it is beautifully compatible with all Kore Kids Wobbles Chairs.

  1. esi S2S

esi standing desk, esi s2s, modern office standing desks

A spacious desk converter that transforms any traditional desks to a sit-stand one with a squeeze of a lever. The adjustable pneumatic tension help users rise up to 35 lbs, ideal for multi-screen users with the esi Edge Monitor Arms Series.


  1. Bodycraft Spacewalker Treadmill

treadmill desk, bodycraft treadmill desk, spacewalker treadmill desk, red treadmill desk

Last year we sang the praises of the Spacewalker Treadmill from Bodycraft because it is such a thing of beauty and function, this low impact treadmill desk allows users to simultaneously log in steps while getting work done with its comfortable speeds and bright LED screen to track distance, time, and heart rate. Its transformational design allows it to be folded down into a bench or coffee table, when not in use, making the Bodycraft Spacewalker a welcomed addition to any professionals’ WFH set-up.

  1. Luxor Steel Media Cart with Acrylic Sneeze Guard

media cart with shield, media cart with partition

Create space and distance while still be able to service your customer or clients with the Luxor Steel Media Cart with Acrylic Sneeze Guard. With the clear partitions, cable management, height adjustability for ergonomic comfort, this sturdy media cart has numerous applications, such as in warehouses, in classrooms, in clinics, or retail environments.

  1. Safco Zenergy Ball Chair

classroom, ball chairs in classroom,

Upgrade your yoga or exercise ball chair for the Safco Zenergy Ball Chair, its bulbous seat with robust steel coated legs allows users to engage their core while sitting tall without risking instability or fall backwards.

  1. Kore Design Kore Kids Adjustable Grow-With-Me Wobble Chair

wobble chair, wobble stool, height adjustable wobble chair

Think that kids grow out of their furniture too soon to be worthwhile? Then, you got to check out the future-proof Adjustable Grow-With-Me Wobble Chair from Kore Design. It boasts all the great features of the regular Wobble Chairs, such as anti-microbial seat and the curved base to allow for micromovements, but has a height adjustability ring for the perfect height! Perfect for your child’s next growth spurt!

  1. Varier Thatsit Balans (Custom)

varier lean back, lean back chair, varier thatsit

You’ll notice that most active chairs won’t have a tall backrest as it can promote slouching and poor posture, however with the Thatsit Balans from Varier invites users to rest in the concave back rest as part of the switching up seating throughout the day.  This versatile chair works in all home or office environments, it can be customized to suit your aesthetics, too.

  1. Vari Stand2Learn Desk

 stand2learn desk, standing classroom, standing desk for kids, childrens standing desk, sit stand desk classroom

The Vari Stand2Learn Desks are pretty much the ones we had in school except elevated height for standing. Children can have a difficult time sitting for long periods of time, causing them to lose focus. Swapping traditional desks for a standing model will allow children to exercise greater range of movement, helping dispel disruptive energy for a better learning environment.  Stand2Learn Desk comes in two sizes, K-5 and 5-12, both features a built-in foot rest and wipeable laminate surface for dry-erase markers for brainstorming or keeping formulae handy.

  1. Ergotron Workfit S-Dual


One of the most robust workstations, the Ergotron Workfit Dual S features ergonomically positions keyboard tray and height adjustable, 360 degree VESA mounts that supports two monitors for user comfort. 


  1. Varier Wing Balans (Custom)

cool office chair, kneeling office chair

Kneeling and casters don’t seem like they would make a safe combination for an office chair, but we are proven wrong by Varier with the Wings Balans. With its adjustable height angled seat for optimal seating and five-star casters, users of this chair can enjoy the glide in a spacious workspace while experimenting with kneeling, sitting, or half kneeling (one leg is tucked into kneeling and other leg out).


  1. Stamina Mini Exercise Bike

Already have the perfect traditional office but don’t like how stationary you are? Well, consider the subtle Stamina Mini Exercise Bike, where users can discretely peddle and exercise during the workday. Alternatively, it can be used on a table for a low impact arm workout.

  1. Loctek FlexiSpot Electric Motorized Alcove Riser Height Adjustable Desk Converter

electric standing desk, sit-stand desk

Extra heavy set up? 55 lbs are what this Loctek Flexispot Electric Desk Converter can bench up with a simple press of a button. Ideal for those with large multi-screen set ups.

  1. Varier Move Mini

varier move mini, mini active chair

Petite statures are not forgotten with the Move Mini, select small seat and small gas lift in the custom order form!

  1. Kore Design Office Plus Standing Desk Chair

perching stool, active stool, height adjustable perching chair

A reliable active chair option for any workspace, the Office Plus Active Chair from Kore Design can be used with any traditional or sit-stand desk.

Phew, if you make it down to this list, give us a 🖨️ emoji in the comments! Let us know what upgrade(s) you made for your home office since the lockdown happened below!



January 31, 2021 — Anita Hsieh

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