Four Must-Haves for the Back-to-school season Fitneff Canada

There are only a couple short days left in August and the mornings are once again starting to have that fall chill in the air; in other words, summer vacation is coming to a close. And that means it’s just about time for all the kiddos to head back to the classroom!

While this back-to-school season is often difficult (at least for the kids), we’re here to help make it a little easier! Our annual back-to-school sale is here once again, offering great discounts on all kinds of products that will help students and teachers keep healthy this semester. With that in mind, we picked four of our favourite sale products to highlight for you – check out some of this year’s back-to-school must-haves!


Kore Wobble Stools

The Kore Wobble Stools are one of the newer product lines that we offer and are the perfect addition to any classroom. They have a specially designed curved base, which allows students to wobble and shift with ease. This integrates greater movement into their classroom learning while still being non-disruptive, which in turn aids with focus, retention and attention span. These active seating solutions are available in a wide variety of playful colours so that you can bring your classroom to life, and also come in a range of sizes to accommodate users from toddlers all the way to college students.

Kore Wobble Stools in classroom Fitneff Canada


Ergotron LearnFit Sit-Stand Desks

The LearnFit Sit-Stand Desks from Ergotron bring flexibility and active learning to the classroom. As hinted at in the name, students can either sit or stand at these height-adjustable desks, allowing them to change positions throughout their day. This functionality helps to reduce sedentary time in the classroom, thus combatting the health risks that are commonly associated with prolonged sitting. The LearnFit desks are also completely mobile, making classroom reconfigurations and demonstrations a breeze. A backpack hook, cup holder, tablet slot and pencil tray are all integrated right into the desktop, so everything students need is just an arms-length away.

Ergotron LearnFit sit-stand desks Fitneff Canada


Zenergy Ball Chairs

Zenergy Ball Chairs by Safco are another great active seating option for the classroom. These chairs engage your core and allow movement through a bouncing motion, giving you all of the benefits of an exercise ball without having to worry about it rolling away. They also come in a variety of colour options, all made with a wipeable surface so it’s easy to clean, which, let’s face it, is ideal for use around kids. This style is available in a classic model or a swivel chair, which facilitates further twisting motion. The Runtz Chair is another similar option with relatively the same features as the classic model, but is specifically designed for young children.

Zenergy Ball Chair Fitneff Canada


Okay teachers, this one is for you. The CoreChair is a great companion for those long days or nights of marking or developing curriculum at your desk that seem to happen way too often. It strengthens core muscles, supports your back and encourages positive posture in order to eliminate some of the aches and pains commonly associated with sitting. It also has a patented core mechanism that mimics a stability ball, allowing for movement in all directions up to 14 degrees, which in turn curbs some of the sedentary risks you’re all too familiar with.

Alternatively, the CoreChair is also great for older students as a home desk chair for those evenings filled with homework.

student using CoreChair Fitneff Canada


For great deals on a ton of awesome products, check out our full back-to-school sale here! Integrate movement into the classroom and the home today.

August 29, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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