5 Changes for A Fitter & More Productive Workday

Check your ankle. Are you shackled to your desk? No? Good. That must mean you can get up from your chair once a while. Productivity at work doesn’t mean that you are tethered to your desk and chair, you can increase your work output by making small changes that simultaneously help you burn some extra calories. We spend a third of our day at work, we can get everything done without sitting with just conscious effort and discipline. We found these tips to get our staff moving, we hope they can help you too!


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

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It is daunting to think to drink 8 glasses of water a day, however, the body takes in fluids through other foods and drinks too. Many fruits and vegetables are high water content, so include them in snacks and meals. Sub a glass of water for fruit or veggies; 1 ½ cup of watermelon or lettuce has over 90% water content and could be a tasty switch. Even caffeinated beverages, like tea or coffee, are fluids that can hydrate your body. To maximize your water intake, ensure your glass or water bottle is full. We like to make it a habit to also grab a glass of water when you get a caffeinated beverage; this way you have both beverages at your desk, and you will alternate between them. Insist on finishing the glass of water before getting up to a refill of your coffee or tea.


Set hourly moving reminders

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We get it: sometimes you get fixated on working and hours can go by without you noticing. We are guilty of this too! While it is recommended people divide their time between standing, sitting, and walking equally, we all forget to do this. If this always slips your mind, then we need to set reminders! Go into your phone’s alarms and set reminders throughout the day to get up, stretch, or take a walk. We set our alarms for every hour to get our movement in. Set the alarm to go off to a nice gentle melody or your favorite song to get you moving. Don’t snooze these alarms; even just a taking the long way to grab a coffee or catch up with a colleague who sits further away can give you a needed mental break.  

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Upgrade to active office furniture

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Growing up, children are told to sit still and stop fidgeting. As adults, productivity is almost an endurance test of how long you can sit at a desk and work. We need to change these mindsets as our bodies are built to move. Poor posture is a culmination of overstretched or tight muscles due to our daily (in)activities, and there are simple swaps to encourage movement and strengthen core muscles for better posture. Here’s what we recommend:

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You need must sit for your job, consider an active chair. Active chairs engage small core muscles when you shift in your seat, as well as, encourage upright posture. We enjoy the Core Chair with its sculpted seat cushion and adjustable resistance in pivoting mobility, it is no wonder it is one of our best selling active chairs.

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You want to try standing desk but not ready to commit, try a desk conversion. Desk conversions are great for individuals who already enjoy their desk layout however wants to try a standing desk. We love pairing our Ergotron Workfit Z Mini Sit-Stand with traditional desks as it has a compact base to fit most desks and it has a very smooth transition from sitting to standing with an easy-to-reach lever.

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Your work demands you stand most times, or you are ready to commit to a standing work life, then consider a pneumatic standing desk. The LUXOR Pneumatic Adjustable Height Standing Desk can seamlessly move from standing to sitting however you can leave it set at a comfortable standing height for you and others who come to your desk. When you might need to sit down, the smooth pneumatic air cylinders lower the entire desktop down.

Tidy your physical and virtual workspace

Do you find yourself bogged down and uninspired when you sit down at your desk? It might be time for tidying and organizing both your physical and virtual workspace.

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As much as we try to reduce our paper trail, our desks can also be cluttered with things like old magazines, unused tradeshow swag, endless sticky notes everywhere, and amongst other things. Stand up and get an aerial view of your space: you might see the dust that might have collected behind your computer monitor or the aggregation of pens behind your keyboard. Clear everything off and deep clean the surface desktop, return essential items to the desk once it had a dusting or wipe down, and then discard irrelevant objects and papers. Repeat for drawers, keyboard trays, and underneath your desk.

When it comes to managing your computer files, the hardest skill to master is being diligent to name your files and sort them in their appropriate folders. Ideally there shouldn’t be any loose files present on your desktop, instead, they should be kept in folders. Run your system’s disk cleaner to enhance the speed of your computer’s processing by getting rid of unnecessary programs or duplicate files. Your goal is to be able to see your desktop background image clearly and be able to search for your files by name.

Convert sitting tasks to standing

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Our days are filled with tasks or activities we can do from our feet instead of sitting. Studies have revealed that we are indeed more 10% productive and tend to be more creative when we are standing whilst working. We recognize it is inevitable that you bound to your chair for parts of the workday, however, simple swaps such as checking or replying to emails on your smartphone, taking phone calls or listening in on a conference call – can all be done standing. Do you have an informal meeting with one or two colleagues? Take the meeting to the streets; a walking meeting helps to simultaneously logging in some steps. Look for tall tables during lunch or coffee meetings and refrain from sitting down; even if your client or colleagues are seated, it won’t be awkward if you choose to stand.


Let us know which tip you are ready to adopt or one that you already do in the comments!


October 10, 2019 — ANITA HSIEH

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