5 Health and Wellness Influencers To Follow This Fall

Earlier this year, we did a post on wellness influencers who inspired and motivated us to create and commit to our new year health resolutions; we found that it reminded us of our own personal goals during our routine IG feed scroll. Whether it was to reduce meat consumption or to try to incorporate more physical activity, these influencers led by example and gave us a plethora of fresh ideas to incorporate or change up our routines.  As the holiday seasons approach us, our general wellness can become secondary; thus, we rounded up another 5 health and wellness influencers to follow as we go into the chillier months.


Vincci Tsui, @vinccird

new mom, vincci tsui, dietitian, intuitive eating, haes

A registered dietician based out of Calgary, Alberta, Vincci is also advocating for intuitive eating and the “health at every size” movement, whilst juggling her newborn. She expands on bold health statements, showcase diverse flavours of whole food meals, with a glimpse of her family life. Vincci’s posts are a refreshing take on health and wellness, which is backed by education and research.

Follow @VinnciRD, if you want to embrace intuitive eating.


Karleen Samson, @karleensamson

karleen samson, barre, fitness, health, stretching

An instructor for Studio Revolution Calgary and The Sweat Lab, Karleen’s feed is also overflowing with vivid photography and fashion. Her upbeat aesthetic inspires us to include more variety in our lives and come out of our comfort zones. Also, her knack to finding a fabulous mural in YYC and wherever she goes - unmatched.

Follow KarleenSamson, if you want inspiration to explore your city.


Mia Campbell, @the_wellth

vegan, the wellth, mia campbell, top knot, salads

Mia is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who posts tantalizing treats and inspired vegan recipes. Her recipes are so aesthetically presented, it really encourages us to take advantage of our own kitchens and try recreating her dishes. She is a regular on Global Calgary and CTV Morning Live Calgary to share her wholesome food ideas and alternatives to mainstream offerings.

Follow The_Wellth, if you want to more meatless options.


Laura Davidson, @misslauradavidson

circuits, jumping, fitness, laura davidson

Day-to-day, she is an accountant who helps business owners balance their books, but in her free time, Laura is at the gym, or on the mat, or out for a run. This Toronto-based fitness enthusiast seeks to try all active pursuits in her city and beyond. We enjoy her full-body workout videos: they are easy to follow and demonstrates the moves with great form.

Follow MissLauraDavidson for workout videos and fashion inspiration.


Brian Chan, @bchanwarrior

yogi, yoga, brian chan

Toronto-based yogi Brian Chan does not limit his practice to just studios and classes, he takes his poses to streets, parks, and pretty much anywhere he sees fit. Along with his impressive yoga poses, we enjoy his inspiring captions that encourage us to enjoy small moments and live with intention.

Follow BChanWarrior for contorting yoga poses and pearls of self-love and wisdom.


We know the temptation is there to default to hibernation come fall – but welcome these influencers into your feed to inspire you to keep moving, keep eating whole foods, keep striving for your goals.  Are there any health and wellness influencers you’re loving right now? Share with us in the comments!

October 17, 2019 — ANITA HSIEH

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