5 Ways to Increase your Daily Step Count


We are already halfway through our 2019 step challenge. For the month of June our team is competing against each other to see who can get the most steps in one month. If you missed our first blog post about our step challenge, no worries! You can click here to read it; it explains how the challenge works and why we are doing it!

The Current Standings

The first two weeks have been a wild ride! Each day is more challenging than the last as people keep finding new ways to get some more steps in. Here are the current standings:

  1. Angelique: 169,310
  2. Kate: 160,026
  3. Matt: 159,983
  4. Ron: 146,586
  5. Greg: 142,460

Angelique has established her lead early but the rest of the team is eager to catch up to her. Here are the daily results! Everyday we see something a bit different but it is clear that each of  us are finding new ways to get more steps as the challenge continues on.  The most steps someone got in one day was on June 7th when Ron got 23,632 steps!

Fitneff Annual Step Challenge - Activity Tracker - Daily Steps


5 Ways to Increase your Daily Steps

Since we keep finding new ways to increase our daily steps we thought we should share some of our tips with you! Here are 5 easy ways to increase your daily step count:


1. Extend your Commute

No one enjoys a longer commute than needed but there is something to be said for a few extra steps before you get into work. Kate made the decision to extend her commute by walking to the next train stop in the morning. Instead of getting on the train by her house, she takes the extra few minutes to walk to the next stop. Adding on a few extra steps in the morning gives her that extra boost before the start of the day.  


2. Make the time

Let’s be honest, everyone is busy! But the only way to get more steps is to put aside the time to do so. Angelique has made it a priority to set aside time to go for a walk each day, she plans ahead to ensure she has the time in the evening where she can go out and walk around her neighborhood. This is clearly working has Angelique is way ahead of anyone else in steps. By making the time she is able to always meet her step goal.


3. Walking Meeting

Meetings can take up a lot of our workdays – and sometimes these meetings don’t require any big presentation or big stacks of paper. If you have a meeting where you just need to spend some time chatting with your colleagues, why not suggest a walking meeting instead! Ron has started suggesting more walking meetings during his workdays and they have really helped him. He was able to get the highest step day with 23,632 because he suggested a few walking meetings.


4. Take advantage of your lunch break

Even a short lunch break is a great opportunity to take a step away from your desk! Greg always take full advantage of his lunch break, making sure he takes the time to walk to a coffee shop or just get some fresh air! This takes the pressure off to go for a long walk in the evening after work.


5. Make it social!

If you are trying to introduce some more movement into your life, there is no better way to do that than to invite some friends! Grab a coffee to go with some friends and take a walk around your favourite neighborhood or through a park. Having friends join you on your walk makes the time fly, before you know it you have well over 10,000 steps.


Get Involved

There’s still time to get involved! We’d love for you to follow along and join in the challenge on social media! Post a photo on Instagram of you increasing your step count with the hashtag #integratemovement for the chance to be featured on Fitneff’s page!

June 20, 2019 — Kate Spenst

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