5 Wellness Influencers to Follow Fitneff Canada

With 2019 here in full force, it’s hard not to think about what you want to accomplish this year. If you are like most of us, you are probably thinking of some wellness goals you want to achieveWhether you want to eat healthier, work out more, be more mindful or just integrate more movement into your life, it can be hard to stay motivated. To give you some extra incentive, we found five influencers throughout Canada that will keep you motivated and on track with your wellness goals all year long!  

1. Julia Hamer

Julia inspires us! She is a med student, neuroscientist, yoga teacher, and a former pro athlete! Talk about GOALS! She reminds us that being healthy isn’t just about working out, but about your lifestyle. She talks about getting movement in your day and keeping your brain fit. Based out of Toronto, she shares all about yoga, workouts and ways to stay on top of your health. With all of her experience, she is clearly an expert and can really encourage you to stay active and take care of yourself.  

Julia Hamer Instagram


2. WholefullyNat 

Following Natalie makes us want to rush home and make the perfect meal. Her recipes not only look amazing, but guess what? They're healthy too! If you want to eat healthier in 2019, Natalie will inspire you to do it. Based out of her kitchen in Edmonton, she shares some of the best food we have ever seen. Really wishing she could come and cook for us right about now!

 wholefullynat instagram


3. Donny Marchuk 

Donny makes running look easy... and fun! We aren’t sure exactly how he does it, but it might have something to do with his adorable dog. If you want to run more this year, Donny will inspire you to get outside and run, no matter what the weather is. Based in Calgary, he shares photos of himself running all over the city and in the mountains. If Donny can’t inspire you to run more, his dog probably can.  



4. BalancedByKayla 

Kayla truly reminds us it’s all about balance! She inspires us to eat healthy and stay active, but she also knows some days are stressful and life gets hard. Split between Waterloo and Toronto, Kayla shares about how to be balanced when life gets crazy. Kayla's feed will help remind you that balance is needed and self-care is important. 

BalancedbyKayla instagram 


5. KatePerkoFit 

Kate’s life is what we all dream our gym life will be like one day! She shares great practical tips on how to improve your health and stay on top of your game. Based in Canada, Kate really knows how to share a good gym photo that will inspire you to work out and do your best, but still remind you that no one is perfect.  

 Kateperkofit instagram

We wish you the best of luck with all of your goals in 2019 and we hope you can find someone to inspire you along the way! Happy New Year!  

January 02, 2019 — ANITA HSIEH

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