5 Work from Home Products to Help You Stay Active


For most of us, the new normal is working from home. This mass migration from the usual commute to the office to now this working-from-home movement has been met with some mixed reactions. While some can’t wait to return to the office, some realize that working form home has many benefits and are considering working from home on a more regular basis even once the offices reopens. Whichever category you fit into, working from home comes with it’s fair share of challenges. One of the biggest challenges we have faced is keeping an active daily routine. It can be easy to fall into a very sedentary lifestyle while working from home. We have been sharing lots of tips for working from home on our Instagram including how you can stay active while in your home office. So, if you are looking for tips, follow us on our social media for some weekly inspiration. But for now, here are our top products for staying active while working from home:  

 Kore Office Everyday Plus Active Chair 

sit stand desk, active chair, active stool, standing desk

The traditional office chair you’re used to can be comfortable but let’s be honest, it wasn’t made for movement. Sometimes comfort can be our worst enemy; if a chair is so comfortable, why get up at all. This can cause many of us to stay seated in our chairs for hours, falling into sedentary lifestyle from the comfort of our own homes. Active stools allow us to sit down at our desk while still being free to move about. The Kore Office Everyday Plus is a ergonomically designed stool to allow for regular movement and engaging the core muscles. Its rounded base lets you wobble and shift throughout the day, making it comfortable for your knees, hips, and back. An active stool is one of our best haves for the home office.  

Safco Desktop Sit-Stand Laptop Workstation


Do you find yourself working off a laptop a lot more these days? You aren’t alone. Many of us weren’t able to bring our normal office desktop computer home with us and instead, are working off a laptop. Luckily for you, this Sit-Stand Laptop Workstation  is the perfect solution for laptop users at an affordable price. This unit works great for sitting down or standing up at any height throughout your workday. It just clamps on to your work surface and away you go! Your very own sit-standing desk. 

Safco Accent Sit-Stand Desktop Conversion 

sit stand desk, standing desk

Combat sedentary lifestyle on the go. The Accent Sit-Stand Desktop Conversion is a super simple unit that allows you to start standing anywhere. If you are the kind of person who constantly works in different rooms but still stand – this unit is perfect. It has an ultra slim profile for portability and easy storage. You could go from your home office to the living room without any trouble at all. It is a unit that is easy to bring back to the office once you return.  

Luxor Level Up Pro Premier Standing Desk Converter

sit stand desk, active chair, active stool, standing desk, active work life

This unit will really overhaul your office into an active office. It fits onto most work surfaces and comes fully assembled. The Level Up Pro Premier  will help increase your productivity and movement throughout the day. Home offices can be so distracting and difficult to work from, a sit-stand desk converter can really make all the difference in a home space.  

Integrate Anti-Fatigue Mat 

sit stand desk, active work life, standing desk

Standing up more is a great way to add some movement into your day, but if standing up isn’t comfortable for your feet then you aren’t likely to stand much. Anti-fatigue mats are great for this reason, they help make standing more enjoyable. A great rule we always tell people is to stand whenever you get a phone call. This anti-fatigue mat could be your “phone mat”, a great place to stand for all your important phone calls!  


Just as we needed to make the effort to remain active when we were at the office, the same effort is required when we are stationed at home. Besides all these products; make sure you are making time to take active breaks such as stretching or going for a short walk, do standing or walking phone calls, and make sure you have healthy snacks and meals to keep you energized. When the time to go back to office, will you miss WFH or will you look forward to commuting again?


May 14, 2020 — Kate Spenst

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