August 21, 2015 Laurel Walzak, Fitneff Inc., learns more about David Sewell, Registered Kinesiologist and Guest Blogger at Fitneff.

David Sewell - Registered Kinesiologist


Q.  Why you decided to study kinesiology?

Dave:  I'm old, when I started university most universities didn't call it Kinesiology, it was Physical & Health Education. I wanted to be a high school gym teacher and taking "gym" in university seemed like a good idea. As school progressed I found myself more interested in the science behind exercise that led me to pursue more clinical work in exercise science and how physical activity can be used as a treatment modality for illness and disease. In my last year of school a head-hunter recruited me for clinical work and I've been doing it ever since.

Q.  Favourite form of physical activity:

Dave: That is a tough one as it changes a fair bit as I try new things. That being said the one that I always come back to is swimming, both pool and open water.

Q.  How many hours of sleep do you get on average per night?

Dave: I get a solid 7 hours a night. I'm pretty good to the point I don't need an alarm clock for the most part anymore, whenever I go to sleep I wake up 7 hours later. Sleep is probably the most overlooked part of training, if you don't fully recover, which sleep is a big part of, you can't train at a high level.

Q.  Favourite exercise to do in your gym?

Dave: Again, it's a tough one as it changes a fair bit as I learn. Lately I'm all about movement, I use the 7 "Top Tier" movements from the SFMA as a warm-up to see how I'm moving at that point in time so I can modify the day's workout to how my body is moving. Right now I have 3 routines on the go, a day of kettlebells, a day of cables, and a day of Olympic lifts.

Q.  Favourite workout with a client?

Dave: Depends on the client and what their needs are. All of my 1-on-1 client sessions start with the SFMA "Top Tier" Assessment so I can see how they are moving (a bit of a theme going here), ask them how they are feeling today, and what they want to work on. For my client's with "desk jobs" we spend a lot of time on postural exercises for scapular stabilization and to improve hip flexor range. My "Go To" exercise for this is a Turkish Get-Up with a Figure 8 walk when standing. Strengthens the glute when "getting up", stretches the hip flexors when "bridging", and develops scapular stabilization when walking in the figure 8 with the kettlebell overhead. 

Q.  What do you eat before a workout?

Dave: I really don't do well exercising with anything in my stomach so I tend not to eat before I work out. During workouts I'll have a bottle of Biosteel HPSD to sip on (shameless plug #DrinkThePink).

Q.  What do you eat after a workout?

Dave: If I've got time to cook an egg white omelette with peppers, tomato, and ham with a big green salad on the side. If I don't have time to cook I'll make a smoothie with Chocolate Biosteel Advanced Recovery Formula & Whey Protein with frozen cherries and almond milk. Yummy!

Q.  If you could workout with anyone who would it be?

Dave: Alex "Sasha" Baumann. As a swimmer who grew up competing in the 1980's him and Victor Davis were the guys who put Canadian swimming on the international map setting world records and winning Olympic and Commonwealth gold medals along the way. I still crack a huge smile whenever I walk onto the pool deck at the Etobicoke Olympium and Jeno Tihanyi (Laurentian University) pool decks and see the plaques and banners celebrating his world records.

Q.  If someone could train you who would it be?

Dave: Jason Glass, he is a strength and conditioning coach in Vancouver who sits on the Titleist Performance Institute Advisory Board and works with several PGA, NFL, and MLB players. He also spends a lot of time teaching fitness and medical professionals on training techniques for rotary athletes. Not only could I learn a boat load from a workout with him but he's an amateur stand-up comic as well so I'm sure the session would be a riot.

Q.  If you could coach anyone who would it be?

Dave: I'm lucky I get to coach the "anyone" I want. Every September I get a new group of novice swimmers entering the sport for the first time. This is my opportunity to get them hooked on the sport (I hope) but if not get them hooked on making physical activity part of their daily life for the rest of their life.


To reach Dave or to make an appointment to visit his Studio in Toronto:

Name:       David Sewell - Registered Kinesiologist

Company: Leslieville Kinesiology

Twitter:     @LvilleKin



Phone:     416 567 7866

205-1201 Dundas Street East
Toronto, ON
M4M 1S2


August 21, 2015 — Laurel Walzak
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