September 14, 2015 Part 2:  Laurel Walzak, Fitneff Inc., learns more about David Sewell, Registered Kinesiologist and Guest Blogger at Fitneff.

David Sewell - Registered Kinesiologist

Q.  In one or two sentences, what does physical activity mean to you?

Dave: A healthy, eventful, and hopefully long life.

Q.  In your opinion, what are the top 5 reasons people in general get physically active? In no specific order.


    To improve their health.  To perform better in a sport.  To look good.  To feel better.  To compete.

      Q.  In your opinion, what are the top 5 reasons people, in general, do not get physically active? In no specific order.

      Dave:  They have not found an activity they love to do, yet. They do not believe how it will improve their life and health. They convince themselves they do not have time for it. Lack of knowledge and support to get started. Poor self-image / self-esteem.

      Q.  How do you encourage physical activity to those that are not active? 

      Dave: Keep it manageable, give them 2 or 3 things to do every day, a long or complex routine can overwhelm and lead them to not doing it.

      Q.  What is your opinion on the concept "Prescription for Physical Activity".

      Dave: Exercise Is Medicine, find an expert licensed to prescribe and have them prescribe what is right for you.

      Q.  Is there awareness about Prescription for Physical Activity?

      Dave: It's getting better, the public is slowly becoming more aware about general activity guidelines but more can always be done to get the message out. Move better, move often.

      Q.  Do you think more people will get active if they were to be prescribed Physical Activity my a certified medical professional? Why or Why Not?

      Dave: I sure hope so; it's why I'm in business.  People want to know that the person treating them really is an expert in the field. The internet is a great source of information, both accurate and otherwise. Also the fitness industry in Canada is not regulated at all, it would take me about 20 minutes to get my pet cat "Certified" as a personal trainer. With that in mind the public really needs a reliable body to ensure the people providing exercise prescription service to both health and unhealthy individuals are qualified to do so. Look for the person prescribing you exercise to have been educated in exercise science at a minimum the college level better yet the university level, been examined (in person, not online) to demonstrate their competence in both theory and practice, to complete a set amount of ongoing education to ensure their skills remain current, and to carry malpractice insurance in case things go wrong. That's the person who is taking their role as a leader in health care as serious careen choice. Look into the body that has accredited them are they a government authority with membership requirements set by law, a not-for profit encouraging physical activity for public health, or a for profit corporation looking to maximize their bottom line. Knowledge is power, empower yourself on who you work with.

      Q.  What is your favourite physical activity?

      Dave: Ocean swimming in clear water with no one around me.


      To reach Dave or to make an appointment to visit his Studio in Toronto:

      Name:       David Sewell - Registered Kinesiologist

      Company: Leslieville Kinesiology

      Twitter:     @LvilleKin



      Phone:     416 567 7866


      205-1201 Dundas Street East

      Toronto, ON

      M4M 1S2

      September 14, 2015 — Laurel Walzak

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