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March 25, 2016

By: Ron Bettin


Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) Conference in Orlando, Florida. Thousands of people attend this event from all over the world to participate in the educational seminars, group workouts, and the trade show.

The conference featured an amazing amount of information and products to encourage people to “move your body”. The tradeshow had hundreds of vendors demonstrating the latest technologies with some amazing contraptions to bend, twist, hang, push, pull, vibrate, bounce, hit and drag your body. In another era, these probably would have been invented for torture, but now people pay a lot of money to by this equipment, or pay a trainer to help use them. To motivate people, exercise has been turned into a game or competition so that your 20-minute workout can also have you become a winner (or, if it doesn’t go so well, a loser)!

A few days at this conference is a bit overwhelming. I must say that as an average, middle-aged guy, I feel a bit self-conscious surrounded by all these super fit, zero-body-fat, muscular people. I admire the amount of time and energy these people put into the health of their bodies, but it made me reflect on the fact that the majority of the population have the simple goal of incorporating movement into their everyday life.   Here are a few observations:

  • Some of the modern exercise equipment is very complicated and intimidating. After watching some demonstrations, I can see why you might need to pay a trainer to do these exercises – they would be too complicated (and dangerous?!) to figure out on your own. In my opinion, the best exercise equipment is the one that you can feel confident using.
  • A lot of time, energy and money are being invested into equipment for 20-minute workouts. These workouts are very important, but there appear to be very few fitness companies investing in solutions for the remaining 1,440 minutes of a person’s day. This is why, at Fitneff, we are very proud to have launched the WalkTopTM Treadmill Desk, and through our valued partnership with InMovement, offer a wide selection of treadmill desks and sit-stand desks that allow people to integrate healthy activity into a typical day.
  • It can difficult for people to find motivation to exercise. Monitoring and gaming technologies are becoming very popular. In my opinion, the most successful health results are not from playing a “game” but from real changes to behavior and lifestyle.   If a person is motivated to be healthier, then technology will enhance their progress.

Attending this fitness convention reiterated the importance of movement for good health and fitness.   Movement is key to a good 20-minute workout, but it is just as important to integrate movement into your everyday life. Probably the most memorable observation I had a the convention was watching thousands of extremely fit people leave the convention center by taking the escalator... with only a very few of us “average” people taking the stairs!


Ron demonstrates how to walk while you work on the InMovementTM Treadmill Desk at the IHRSA Show in Orlando Florida this week.


About Ron Bettin

Ron is co-founder and CEO of Fineff Inc. Fitneff is dedicated to providing innovative products and solutions that help busy people make their productive time more active.



March 25, 2016 — ron B

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