A Holiday Thank You


The holiday season means different things to different people. For so many of us, giving is the order of the day. We are running around town trying to find the perfect gift for those on our list. We have been taught that giving is better than receiving, and we find true pleasure in watching the reactions of our loved ones when they open a perfectly-chosen gift.  

At Fitneff, we have taken some time to consider the holidays and what they mean to us. Unanimously, we agree that giving is important, but this year, we are also extremely moved by a feeling of gratitude. 

We are so grateful for the colleagues, partners, and customers with whom we have had the honour of working this year. We revel in our mission of brining activity to the world, and making it easy for people to break away from a sedentary lifestyle in favour of health and movement. We could not achieve our goals without the great number of people who help us to turn this mission into a reality each and every day. 

  • We are thankful for the manufacturers and distributers who allow us to create our signature WalkTop Treadmill Desk, and to deliver it to customers across North America.
  • We are thankful for our partners, whose innovative products we are so proud to offer on our site. We are thankful for our creative and dedicated team, that works tirelessly to run this company every day.
  • Most importantly, we are thankful for our customers who have chosen to support our company. You have spent your hard-earned money to purchase products from Fitneff. You provide us with feedback daily on how our products are working for you, and the impact they are having on your lives. You help us to grow by spreading the word through testimonials, social media likes and shares and by simply using our products every day. 

We could not do this alone, and we are so thankful to everyone who has joined us along the way. Thank you! 

From the entire team at Fitneff, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.


December 22, 2016 — Heather Lielmanis

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