Active Classroom Must Haves for Back to School

As the new school year begins, we are all a bit apprehensive about the undeniable collective environment our children might be returning to. Many safety guidelines and procedures are still being refined, so it is imperative to keep an eye out for updates from your local school board; however, we can take a proactive approach about preparing and educating our young ones on proper hygiene and physical distancing. Easy sanitation, physical distancing, all while incorporating movement throughout the day: were the criterion we kept in mind when rounding up the 5 Back to School active furnishings for your children or students returning to their studies in the fall.


Kore Design Wobble Stool

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Swap your child’s usual school chair to the Kore Design Kore Kids Wobble Stool for the simplest transition from a sedentary routine to be a more active one! Kore Design products are made with an anti-microbial plastic which reduces the spread of known pathogens such as salmonella, E. coli, listeria, etc., is easy to disinfect and clean. Most standard school chairs are rigid, causing children to slouch or slump which is leads to poor posture over time. With lack of back rest and specially designed rounded base; the Kore Wobble Stool forces users to engage their core while allowing weight to be shifted freely. Being able to shift weight helps to dispel excess energy and allow greater focus and concentration on the task at hand. Best of all, Kore Wobble Chairs comes in a variety of heights and colours to suit any child or space. Growth spurt proof? Check out the height adjustable version.

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Safco Alphabetter Adjustable Desk

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Students and children would also see the benefits of integrating the option to stand while at their desk, such as increased attention, better focus and retention, as well as allowing for more movement throughout the day, which combats sedentary lifestyle. The height adjustable Safco Alphabetter was built for the ideal active classroom, allowing students the autonomy to switch between sitting and standing. The built-in pendulum footrest not only elevates one’s feet, it naturally is a perfect way for students to dispel their fidgety energy without disrupting others. Opt for different tops, sizes, with or without the book box.

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Luxor RECLAIM Acrylic Sneeze Guard Desk Divider

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The physical learning space in a classroom is becoming scarcer, it is no wonder why parents would be anxious to send their children back to school.  Establish appropriate distance between students by setting up transparent or translucent acrylic partitions between desks with the Luxor Reclaim Sneeze Guard Desk Divider. Clamping onto the free-edge of any table or desk, students would be safeguarded from any particulates from coughing or sneezing. The partitions come in a variety of sizes, in either transparent or semi-frosted for privacy. If are considering a less permanent option, check out the Freestanding version or Wall Extender for cubicle use.  All of these partitions are easy to clean, require hardly any assembly, and allow students to continue to socialize and collaborate on projects and assignments.

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Safco Runtz or Zenergy Ball Chairs

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Ever place a child on a yoga ball or exercise ball as an active chair? Usually their legs don’t quite reach the bottom and struggle to balance? Or do they get distracted that it’s a ball and start kicking or throwing it around? Get the same core engagement and postural benefits in a more stable form in the Safco Runtz or Zenergy Ball Chair with an anti-burst inflatable seat and 4 robust legs. The wipe down cover is durable and comes in a variety of colours to suit the classroom or interior space. The ball chair designed eliminates the temptation to slump or slouch or lean aggressively to one side, while still allowing movement of the legs and shifting of weight safely and comfortably. We recommend the Runtz for children K-6 and the Zenergy for older children and adults.

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Luxor Tailfin Plastic Stackable Stools - 5 Pack

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Grab a stool or 5 with the new Luxor Tailfin Stackable Stools for impromptu projects and collaborations in the classroom. We are huge fans of the adorable Tailfin detail which brilliantly combines an easy to grab handle and also prevents the sticky suction when pulling one stool from the stack. Treated with UV, these stools would work well in outdoor spaces and clean up nicely for indoor use too. The space conscious stackability allows for dynamic seating on demand yet encourages children to sit more actively than in a regular chair.

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We might have been caught off guard with the tail end of the last school year as we scrambled to come up with less than optimal set-ups. This school year, regardless of where your student or child(ren) will be studying, we strive to provide active solutions to traditional chairs and tables – just now with a heightened awareness of how easy something is to clean with disinfecting sprays and wipes. Hopefully with our collective efforts with procedures, diligent hygiene, and being prepared with PPE; we will sooner be able to talk without muffled voices and partitions. Will your students or children be attending class in-person or online?

September 03, 2020 — Anita Hsieh

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