All I Want for Christmas is Fitneff - A Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas carols. Twinkling lights. Red, green and gold everywhere.

That’s right – it’s that time of year again! Christmas is in the air and holiday spirit can be found on every corner. Here at Fitneff we’re getting in the festive mood, so it’s time to bring you our annual Christmas gift guide so you can find the perfect present for all of the health-conscious people in your life! We’re offering our most comprehensive guide yet with special categories for him or her and different budget ranges.

Trust us, all you’ll want for Christmas are these amazing products ;)


Gifts for Her

Looking for the perfect gift for a special woman in your life? We got you covered! Many of our products are amazing presents for her.

One of our bestsellers, the SpaceWalker Treadmill, is an excellent example of exactly that. Small, compact and stylish, this treadmill desk can fit in any space and let her be active while she works. It can also easily fold into a handy-dandy bench whenever not in use so that it is still something fully functional! Another great product for her is our Desk Pedals, which can easily be added to any desk set-up to get those legs moving while she’s sitting. They can also be used as a mini elliptical when standing, so she can use them anywhere in the home too if she wants a break from sitting!

Corechair gift for her

For a full list of the products in this collection, see below:

Gifts for Him

Okay so we’ve been over gifts for her, but what about for the men in your life? We’ve got some great options here too!

For a functional and handsome sit-stand desk, the WorkFit-T/TL, Single WorkFit-S and the WorkFit-TX are all great choices. Each one can easily be added to an existing worksurface to make it healthier and more ergonomic for those long days he spends at work.

Workfit-tx standing desk gift for him

For a full list of the products in this collection, see below:


Gifts for Kids

For the children in your life, why not pick something that will be fun AND promote a healthy lifestyle? The KidsFit Boomer Board is a specially designed spring board for kids to use in or out of the classroom, and it helps to integrate movement into their regular routine in an entertaining way.

Runtz ball Chair gift for kids

For a full list of the products in this collection, see below:


Gifts Under $100

If you’re on a budget this year, this is the section for you. We have tons of options for you that are under $100 but still offer great quality and great wellness.

The Integrate Anti-Fatigue Mat is the perfect pairing for any desk set-up. Why not treat those feet and give them a little extra comfort this holiday season? Or, if you’re looking for a gift to help your loved ones stay motivated to keep their wellness goals in the new year, the vivofit3, vivofit4 or vivoki activity trackers are all excellent and affordable options.

Integrate Anti-fatigue mat gift under $100

For a full list of the products in this collection, see below:


Gifts Under $500

Got some deeper pockets this year and looking to splurge a little? This last section has tons of options just for you!

The Ergotron MX Mini Desk Arm can easily be attached to existing desks in order to position your monitor at a more comfortable height. Trust us, receivers of this gift will thank you, and so will their neck! The Desktop Sit-Stand Laptop Workstation is another great gift, as it can turn any surface into a height-adjustable platform perfect for laptop or tablet use. Whether they’re doing some work on a computer, playing some games on a tablet or trying to find a recipe on your laptop, your loved ones will love this.

This collection has too many products to list in this blog, but to see all of the products in this collection click here!

Ergotron MX Mini Desk Arm Gift under $500

December 05, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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