An Interview with Ron Bettin


I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ron Bettin, CEO and Co-founder of Fitneff. Ron is passionate about enabling people to be more active and healthy in the workplace, and he truly walks the talk. Ron uses a variety of different Fitneff products throughout his workday, and he’s experiencing the benefits first hand.

Watch these short videos to hear Ron explain it for himself.

 Which Fitneff products does Ron use himself? 

Ron uses several different Fitneff products.

In his office, Ron works on a DT1 sit-stand desk. This desk is ideal for use with a laptop, and is extremely versatile in that it not only allows you to move from sitting to standing, it allows you to swivel from side to side.

In his home office, Ron works on a DT3 sit-stand desk. Ron and his wife share this home office, yet his wife is more petite than Ron. The multiple height-adjustment features allow both Ron and to use the desk interchangeably, given that it can be adjusted so easily to different heights. Note: All sit-stand desks sold on are easily adjusted for different heights.

After lunch every day, Ron spends an hour or more walking while working, thanks to his  WalkTopTM Treadmill Desk, which is attached to his treadmill. Rather than suffer from a mid-afternoon slump, Ron maintains his energy and gets some daily exercise by walking and working on his WalkTopTM.

When he is required to be sitting, the Core Chair ensures that Ron is not entirely sedentary. The patented core mechanism allows for mobility and movement, thus stimulating metabolism and circulation, and strengthening core stabilizing muscles.


What benefits has Ron experienced since moving to a more active office environment?  

The ability to move around and stay active throughout the workday has allowed Ron to feel more energetic and more productive.

Ron explains “Personally, I feel a lot more efficient. So many times I’d be in and out of my office. Because I have a standing desk, I can come in, work, leave, and then resume my work again, and be very efficient.

Finally, Ron reports that he feels more creative, thanks to the increased blood flow and a “more active brain” that comes with regular movement and activity.

What is Ron's advice to those who feel they're sitting too much? 

“If you find you’re sitting too much,” says Ron, “you don’t have the right office equipment for your job. We are here to help.”  “We are pleased that we have a line of office products; sit-stand desks, treadmill desks, desk ellipticals and others, that will make you feel better, feel healthier, be more energetic and more creative in the workplace.”

Thank you, Ron, for sharing your experience.  



July 28, 2016 — Heather Lielmanis

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