Companies Embrace Wellness with Innovation and Fun


It seems that most of us understand the need to be more healthy about the way we work. The concept of “workplace wellness” is one that organizations are embracing, and the mere existence of HR departments dedicated to employee well-being is a true sign of the times. 

This is good news for everyone. Employees everywhere are realizing the physical and emotional benefits that come with a healthier work life. It also makes good business sense. Companies are finding that employee retention strategies need to go beyond traditional compensation and benefits packages. By thinking creatively about the health and wellness of their teams, they are not only keeping them around, they are inspiring their best performances. A healthier lifestyle at work can decrease absenteeism, promote creativity and increase productivity.

There are so many creative ways that companies are promoting and encouraging wellness in the workplace. Here are some truly innovative and amazing examples: 

  • Co-working space provider Resource YYC
     installed sit-stand desks throughout the office to allow employees to regularly move between sitting and standing. Sit-stand desks are located in central locations and can be used at any time by staff when they need to take a break from sitting.   
  • At World Vision Canada
     employees are encouraged to participate in employee-led group activities during the lunch hour. Some examples include stretching and relaxation sessions, high-intensity interval training, a running club and even a competitive ping pong team that practices every day. 
  • Legal insurance provider Das Canada
    offers employees an annual fitness allowance that can be spent on gym memberships or fitness equipment such as bikes or activity trackers. 
  • Tech firm Flipp
    makes it easy for employees to reach for healthy options throughout the work day with complimentary coffee and tea in the office, as well as a fridge stocked with healthy snacks, including fruit, veggies and protein bars. 

What are you and your company doing to promote health and wellness in your workplace? We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out via email, or post a comment below. 



November 17, 2016 — Heather Lielmanis

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