Dear Santa: A Fitneff Gift Guide

We are leaving our offices these days seeing streets and stores decorated with dazzling light displays that remind us that Christmas is just around the corner (is it us or did American Thanksgiving seems much later this year?). Being Christmas Day is less than 3 weeks away, we are going down the list for active upgrades for everyone on your list this year.


Gifts for the Home

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1| Drexel Stamina Mini Exercise Bike with Smooth Pedal System, 2| Variable™ balans® with Padded Backrest, 3| Bodycraft SpaceWalker Treadmill, 4| Safco Mood™ Standing Height Desk with Rotating Work Surface, 5| Ergo-Comfort Read/Write Copy Stand

You’ll never get cabin fever during the holidays with these active additions to your home. Lean back into modern active rocking chairs or try low impact cycling as you binge Christmas classics and/or 90s sitcoms. We envision holiday baking on sit-stand desk with little ones and opening presents on the floor; sat on a wobble disc. Beyond the holiday season, these active solutions will be welcomed additions that integrate movement.


Gifts for the Office

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1| Kore Office Plus Standing Desk Active Chair, 2| WalkTop™ Treadmill Desk Canada, 3| Ergotron WorkFit-TX Standing Desk Converter, 4| Luxor 72” Electric Adjustable Conference Table, 5| Focal™ Mobis® II Seat, 6| CoreChair

We spend much of our waking hours at work; ofttimes at a desk. An active upgrade to a desk can greatly improve work productivity, boost creativity, and all whilst reduce health ailments from prolonged sitting. Switch up traditional office chairs with active seating options that engage core muscles and promote good posture. Or elevate the workspace with a desk converter or full-on sit-stand desk. The working professional will be elated to switch up their workspace to be a more active one.


Gifts for the Young Professional and College Student

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1| Scoot Stand-up and Sit-down Nesting Desks, 2|Safco Desktop Sit-Stand Laptop Workstation, 3| Zenergy™ Ball Chair, 4| Luxor Level Up Pro 32” Electric Standing Desk Converter, 5| Varier MOVE, 6| Kick™ Balance Board


We created this gift guide for possibly the most difficult people to shop for on your list. Young professionals and college students are usually in a transition in their life and seek new, exciting additions to their life. Consider a monitor arm or desk converter that sits on top of pre-existing desks or active stools that are versatile to use with traditional desks or perching with a standing set-up. These options are considerate of tight quarters, taking up a small footprint on a desk or floor space.


Gifts for Students K-12

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1| Zenergy™ Ball Chair, 2| Safco AlphaBetter® Adjustable-Height Stand-Up Desk, 3| Kore Kids Wobble Chair 14", 4|Portable FootFidget Footrest, 5| Safco AlphaBetter® Adjustable-Height Student Stool, 6|Luxor Manual Adjustable Student Desk

Adopt active options early for the young people in your life. Children are made to move and explore - being to stay still doesn’t sit well with them. Rather stifle excess energy, let them dispel it through wobbles for carpet time or a desk with built-in footrest. Consider swapping a traditional desk chair for a colourful stool for better posture or a weight shifting stool for wrigglers. 


Gifts under $100

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1| Ergo-Comfort Read/Write Copy Stand, 2| Focal™ Mogo Seat, 3| Kore Kids Floor Wobbler Balance Disc, 4| Integrate™ Anti-Fatigue Mat, 5| Attachable FootFidget Footrest, 6| Kore Junior Wobble Chair 16"

Incorporating active furnishings and accessories don’t need to break the bank. We believe in small changes can encourage big changes. These budget upgrades include wobble stools for the young ones, anti-fatigue mats to alleviate joint pain, copy stands to prop up heavy reference books for easier reading or perching on the go


Order by December 16 to ensure delivery by Christmas Eve, December 24!  Please contact if you have any concerns with delivery or ordering. 

December 05, 2019 — ANITA HSIEH

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