Elbow to Elbow: Standing Desks for Shared Workspaces

As the workplace is encouraging more collaborations and teamwork, often our physical workspace starts to meld together. Wonderful for uninterrupted workflow however, what if you want to try a standing desk configuration and there is a great height difference between you and your desk mates? We recognize the modern office isn’t as segmented as it once was and the trend is leaning towards an open concept officeso we present options for when you or your entire team are ready to make the leap to making your office a more active office. 

Convert your space only

Enjoy the flexibility, freedom, and convenience of a desk converter; these have a small footprint, very customizable to an individual height, and smooth transition from sitting to standing so it doesn’t disturb your neighbours or jostle the contents on the elevated platform. There are two types of desk conversion: suspended arms and conventional.

Suspended Arms

Suspended arm desk conversions are a compact solution to sit-stand desk.  Anchored to one side of a table, it supports one or more platforms where users can set their laptop or monitor(s) with keyboard. Some suspended arm desk conversions also come with cable management which will not abruptly tug or catch during up-down travel. Extremely space-efficient, they are great desk conversion option when you are very limited on desk real estate.

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For those with a desktop workstation with a separate keyboard, we suggest looking into the Ergoton Workfit A Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation with Suspended Keyboard. The keyboard support mimics the conventional roll-out tray when the unit is used at sitting level and has the option to support more than one monitor.


Conventional Desk Converters

standing desk, sit-stand desk, sitstand desk, active worklife, healthy office

Don’t have available table edge? Need all the materials in your drawers? Limited office space? Designed to modify a standard desk into a standing desk, conventional desk converters sit on top of your current desk and can be adjusted for sitting use or standing use with a button, lever, or electric controls. A sturdy frame, customizability, and smooth transition from sitting to standing make a desk converter a practical option for tight sit-stand workspaces.

Devoted desktop users would find the Ergotron WorkFit-TX Standing Desk Converter (shown above) to be extremely comfortable to use. It supports up to two monitors, tilting keyboard, and easy access lever for seamless height adjustability.

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For the laptop users, we like the smooth pneumatic controls and wide, flat surface of LUXOR Level Up 32" Pneumatic Adjustable Desktop (shown above).


Sit-standing for Everyone

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Your team is committed to elevating everyone on the team with a height-adjustable conference table. With electric controls, the entire table can be gently raised up or lowered, as well as, programmable heights make it easy to transition between sitting and standing. This multipurpose table is ideal for a workbench with its expansive work surface but also works great in boardrooms or meeting rooms. Ideal for standing meetings; you’ll notice these meetings will be more succinct and the attendees will be more attentive. We recommend the Luxor Electric Adjustable Conference as a workbench for 2-3 people or as a conference table for up to 6 people. Get everyone sit-standing together!


Chairs for Perching

Perching is essentially leaning on a seat with your feet positioned to balance and stabilize the full bodyweight.  The purpose of a sit-stand desk is to incorporate more standing in your work life; however, you can integrate an active sitting option by perching on taller chairs or stools. Perching engages core and leg muscles, which would usually be sedentary in a traditional office chair. As well, perching reduces joint pressure from extended periods of standing or sitting.  

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For perching enthusiasts, the Safco Focal Mogo Seat is an uber compact and portable option. Ideal for multi-standing workstations, at standing meetings or networking events (while still maintaining eye level).

stool, perching, perching stools, active seating, standing desk chair, sit-stand stool, standing desk stool

Another option to consider is the Kore Office Plus Standing Desk Active Chair, which looks like a standard stool, however, it features a rounded base allows for safe wobbling which alleviates pressure in joints and dispelling extra energy in a non-disruptive way, without falling over. It is height adjustable for sitting to standing with an accessible 360 ring just underneath the seat. Ideal for daily use at a standing desk or reception counters.

Bonus: Don’t neglect your feet

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Think if you choose to stand, you must do it on the static, hard floor? A huge deterrent for people when standing for prolonged periods is fatigue and joint pain; mitigate this with anti-fatigue mats which supports the total body with cushy surface. Balance boards are a more interactive option to consider: the slight instability works core muscles and allows for better blood circulation through your feet. Finally, if your neighbour has a toe tapping or leg bouncing problem, it can be disruptive for everyone else. We suggest a footrest that would dispel excess energy without others feeling the vibrations through the table.

See, converting a shared desk into a standing one isn’t so difficult, hey? We have effective sit-stand desk solutions for everyone at different commitment levels in the office. Whether you’re trying it out yourself or want to convert your whole team to get more standing in, we have the solutions. If you need further assistance in deciding which set-up is best for you, don’t hesitate to contact shop@fitneff.com or 1-888-632-3220

October 24, 2019 — ANITA HSIEH

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