Everything You Need to Know About Pedal Desks Fitneff Canada

Have you ever been sitting at your desk at work or school for too long and felt your legs start to get restless and fidgety? I know I have! Your legs were meant to move, and sitting for long periods of time can restrict important circulation to your lower extremities. If your legs start to feel restless, it’s probably because those muscles are begging for a little movement break. But how can you do that when there’s so much work to be done and you can’t step away from your desk?

That’s where pedal desks come in! Pedal desks are an awesome active desk option to get those legs moving more regularly throughout your day. Read on and learn everything you need to know about pedal desks and how they could improve your sedentary lifestyle!


What is a Pedal Desk?

So you might be wondering – what exactly is a pedal desk? You’ve heard of standing desks and treadmill desks, but this one is kind of new. Well, a pedal desk is basically exactly what it sounds like – it’s a mixture between an exercise bike and a desk that allows you to pedal while you work. In other words, your legs can be doing the work while your hands can be working on the important tasks that you need to get done.

Pedal Desk fitneff Canada


The Benefits of Pedal Desks

The benefits of using pedal desks are very similar to other active desks, in that their main advantage over traditional workstations is that they allow much more movement throughout your day. As you all know, many serious health risks have been associated with a sedentary lifestyle, including Type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer. Your muscles and many vital organs simply need movement to grow in strength and to receive the oxygen that they need to be fully functional.

With a pedal desk, your legs can be in motion whenever you want them to be without interrupting your work flow. This will build muscle strength, increase blood flow and help you avoid that awful restless feeling. In addition, this kind of purposeful movement in your work flow can actually help improve productivity, creativity and focus, which means that not only will your physical health improve, but your quality of work will too.

One last important benefit of pedal desks to mention is the type of movement that they promote. Biking and pedalling have long been known to be easier on your joints than other exercises like running for long periods. That means that if you suffer from hip or knee pain, this pedalling motion is a gentle form of movement that will still bring you all of the same benefits as something more high impact on the joints.


Types of Pedal Desk Options

Now that you know why you should get a pedal desk, here’s a few different options to choose from depending on your needs.

Deskcise Pro V9 and V9U Desk Bikes

The Deskcise Pro V9 Desk Bike from Loctek is an excellent option for either the office or the home. This is a basic pedal desk that pretty much fits the exact idea of what you would think a pedal desk looks like: exercise bike on the bottom, desk on the top. It’s fully height-adjustable and mobile on lockable wheels, so it can fit a wide variety of settings depending on your needs.

Deskcise Pro V9 Desk Bike Fitneff Canada

The V9U model from the same designer is another similar choice, but with one small difference: there’s no desk portion! This means that you can pair it with any existing desk that you have to transform the space into something more movement-friendly.

V9U Deskcise Desk bike pedal desk Fitneff Canada 

KidsFit Pedal Desks

The pedal desks from KidsFit are the perfect option for the classroom. Designed with kids in mind, these desks offer easy-to-use pedals on the bottom and an expansive desktop to allow lots of room for homework or classroom collaborations. What’s more, they can also be ordered in a variety of configurations up to six seats large depending on classroom size and needs, and they come in different sizes for different aged kids as well. These pedal desks make movement in the classroom a total breeze! 

KidsFit six seated pedal desk Fitneff Canada


Desk Pedals

If you like the idea of pedalling at work but don’t think you have the room or the budget to purchase a full-size desk, the Desk Pedals are the perfect in-between. These free-standing pedals tuck under your desk to make any workspace more active in an instant. If desired, they can also be pulled into an open area and used standing as a mini elliptical of sorts. In other words, they take up less space but still pack a full punch when it comes to health benefits. 

Desk Pedals Fitneff Canada


There you have it – start pedalling your way through your days now!

March 27, 2019 — Rachel Piers

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