Five Benefits of a Swiftspace Mobile Office Fitneff Canada

Would you say that the office space you work in is fairly traditional?

Most office workers conduct their business in a space that is quite traditional and simple, meaning that it is filled with conventional office furniture. A stationary desk. A regular office chair. Perhaps a couple of whiteboards.

While this setup is fairly standard, it also doesn’t offer a lot of flexibility and can be (quite frankly) a tad boring. The Solo Workstations by Swiftspace, on the other hand, bring versatility and excitement to the office as a fully foldable, portable workstation. On today’s blog, we look at five benefits that a Swiftspace office has over a traditional one:


1) Foldable and Storable

Unlike traditional desks which are rigid and inflexible, the Swiftspace Solo Workstations are created with a unique foldable design. This means that the entire unit – desktop, walls and all – can fold into itself in one thin section. This also means that storage is an issue of the past. If your office no longer needs the extra desk, simply fold it up and wheel it away to a more discreet spot where it can stay fully ready to go when it’s needed again. Easily scale your office furniture with your changing office needs. 

Swiftspace solo workstation Fitneff Canada


2) Cost Effective

Let’s face it – office furniture can be expensive. As a business owner, you’re often looking to outfit an entire office space, which means that you also need to purchase the furniture in bulk. And of course, given the investment, you want to choose items that are going to be high quality and will last for years to come.

The problem with this is that often successful businesses outgrow their original space and need to move somewhere more well-suited. But what happens to all of that fancy, expensive furniture? The sad truth is that it often gets left behind because the cost of moving it becomes larger than just leaving it behind and purchasing new units. With Swiftspace Solo Workstations, you don’t have to worry about this waste anymore! These units are easily portable, making office moves no problem, which in turn means that you save money and can keep the furniture you invested in in the first place. 

Mobile desks Fitneff Canada


3) Easy Office Reconfigurations

Have you ever wanted to reconfigure your office, but then looked at the amount of work that would be and just thought to yourself “Not worth it”? Never again! Office reconfigurations are easier than ever because the Solo Workstations are literally on wheels. Simply manoeuvre the station to the spot you want it to be in, relock the wheels for stability and away you go! Whether it’s for a meeting to improve productivity or a design choice to improve the aesthetic appeal of the space, reorganizing the office is as easy as one, two three.

Foldable and portable workstations Fitneff Canada


4) Fully Customizable

The Swiftspace workstations are also fully customizable to suit your needs. With options regarding desk size, wall height, laminate finish and desk configuration, you can pick the workstation that will be perfect for you. This way, you can accommodate any space perfectly while still adhering to the décor of the room. No need to settle for a generic look! 

Swiftspace Solo Workstation Fitneff Canada


5) Easy Move In Move Out

As already mentioned, office moves can be a huge undertaking that often end in large expenses or damaged furniture. Furthermore, trying to get traditional desks to fit through doorways or travel down staircases can be a tremendous amount of work. Because the Swiftspace workstations can fold completely into one neat section, they can easily fit through tight spaces and narrow doorways. Plus, being on wheels takes away the need for heavy lifting during big moves. Don’t leave your office furniture behind! 

Foldable storable mobile desks Fitneff Canada


The Swiftspace Solo Workstations are now available on Fitneff’s website here. Don’t settle for a traditional office space; take your business to the next level and equip your space with the flexible, versatile and stylish furniture it deserves.
September 26, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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