Five New Products to Know and Love Fitneff Canada

Here at Fitneff, we’re always adding new products to help you move in new ways throughout your day. With so many options available, you’re bound to find a product that will fit your unique needs and help you make your health a priority in tailored ways. Check out five of our newest products below!


KidsFit Boomer Board

The KidsFit Boomer Board is a great addition to any classroom to help students move during their lesson in a fun and interactive way. This kids-friendly springboard encourages activity in a way that can be integrated smoothly into a lesson plan. If a child seems particularly restless and is having trouble focusing, give him or her a turn with the Boomer Board to effectively work out extra energy. Alternatively, ask students to do a certain exercise with the springboard every time they wish to answer a question in class. These are but a few of the endless ideas to use the Boomer Board for active learning – try it today! 

KidsFit Boomer Board active learning Fitneff Canada


Kore Wobble Stools

The Wobble Stools by Kore Design offer active seating for any setting. Available in over eight different sizes and styles, this stool can accommodate a wide range of users. From kid-friendly versions that are perfect for the classroom to a college style for doing homework to an adult model for the office, we’ve got your covered. The specially designed rounded base encourages micro-movements throughout your day to make your sitting time less stationary and to engage your core. Why sit still when you can wobble?

Kore Wobble Stools Fitneff Canada 

Safco Kick Balance Board

Ever feel uneasy about using your standing desk because you’re worried your feet will get sore? Look no further! The Kick Balance Board by Safco incorporates the comfort of an anti-fatigue mat with the core strengthening benefits of a typical balance board. By allowing you to shift your weight throughout the day, your core will be more engaged than if you were simply standing. Test your balance AND achieve the comfort you deserve simultaneously.

Safco Kick Balance Board Fitneff Canada


Safco Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation

If you have an existing desk that you’re looking to make more ergonomic, this is the product for you. The Safco Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation has a separately adjustable monitor mount and keyboard tray so that you can find the correct height combination most comfortable for you. Its sleek metal design is modern and attractive to fit in to any office setting, while the swivelling capabilities allow you to push the unit out of the way whenever not in use. With this height-adjustable desk, you’ll be standing and sitting during your day in no time.

Safco Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation Fitneff Canada 

Ergotron Elevate Electric Sit-Stand Desk

Last but definitely not least, we have another new desk from our trusted partner Ergotron. The Ergotron brand has a wide variety of exceptional height-adjustable units, and this one is no different. Available in two desktop sizes and three desktop finishes, the Elevate Electric Sit-Stand Desk easily adjusts to your desired height with the touch of a button. With a large weight capacity and expansive surface, you can fit all of your working needs in one convenient space. Elevate Electric Sit-stand Desk Ergotron Fitneff Canada


Remember to check back on our website regularly for new products added! Or, if you’d like to get updates sent directly to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter in the footer below. Integrating movement is what we do best – let us help you today!

October 17, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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