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Sit-stand desk. Standing desk. Height-adjustable desk. Whatever you may call it, desks that allow you to switch between sitting and standing positions are becoming more and more popular in the workplace. If you’ve heard about this trend but are not quite sure whether or not you should invest in a unit, check out our top five reasons for why you should get a height-adjustable desk:


They Combat Sedentary Risks

As we all know, there are many health risks associated with sedentary behaviour, some of which include Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular concerns, high blood pressure and even some cancers. With a height-adjustable sit-stand desk, you can change positions frequently throughout the day, which in turn reduces your risks of the above conditions. Alternating between sitting and standing will help put your body into a state of improved wellness; we recommend that for every hour, you incorporate at least 20 minutes of standing and five minutes of movement to combat prolonged sitting.

Height-adjustable sit-stand desk Fitneff Canada


They Reduce Back and Neck Pain

Everyone who sits in an office for long periods of time knows that back and neck pain can be a real concern. If your computer isn’t set up ergonomically and you have to strain your neck to look at the screen, chronic pain can creep up on you quickly. By using a sit-stand desk, you can put your spine in a more natural upright position, thus relieving tension and supporting positive posture. Plus, many sit-stand units have suspended keyboards and can be matched with monitor mounts to provide you with an ergonomic workstation that is most comfortable for you. 

Back and neck pain sit-stand desk Fitneff Canada


They Work in Any Space

There are so many different types of height-adjustable units so that you can find one to work in any office space you may have. With desktop conversions, full stand-alone desks, mobile carts and standing conference tables, there is a unit for you no matter what your needs are! There are also a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from - if you have a corner space you’d like to fill or an existing desk you want to use or a large empty space you want to spruce up, you can. 

Standing desk in home Fitneff Canada


They Improve Focus and Creativity

No more stale or unoriginal ideas while sitting at your desk! By incorporating movement through changing positions and standing time, you’ll find that you have better focus and increased creativity. It’s easy to feel burnt out or lethargic when you’ve been sitting for long periods, but research shows that a standing desk can help to combat these symptoms and actually help you stay more on task. 

Creativity with Standing Desk Fitneff Canada


They Help you Live Longer

This is a big one! A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to a shorter lifespan and premature death. By taking steps to add more movement into your day or to change positions more frequently, you can greatly reduce your risk and improve your chances of living longer. A height-adjustable desk is the perfect first step to do just that! You can easily integrate it directly into your workflow, they don’t take much practice to get used to and they can have huge benefits when used properly.

Smile Fitneff Canada 

Check out all of the standing desks that Fitneff offers to start standing more today!

August 08, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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