Fresh In Roundup: 6 Active Products for a Healthier You in 2020!

At Fitneff, we are keeping up with new releases from the top active furniture and accessory brands and see what is exciting to add to our inventory to help better your daily lives. If you follow us on Instagram, you might have noticed our #FreshInFriday posts, where we spotlight a new product every Friday. We figure we should round up the latest product and address why we have included them on our virtual shelves.


CoreChair Tango

The CoreChair Classic has been one of the best-selling products on our website for years now, so when we heard there was a budget-friendly option with the same postural benefits, we jumped on adding the Tango to our active seating lineup. The Tango has the pressure point relieving molded seat, stabilizing chair back, pivotal chair base to improve blood circulation, engage core muscles, and allow users to shift their weight safely and naturally. Like the Classic and the Sport, the Tango also has an adjustable height, seat depth, treaded based for support, however, one might spring for the original models if adjustable resistance, full bearing casters, or sustainable/easy to care for fabrics are important factors for you.  BUY


CoreChair Perch

The CoreChair Perch is for the sit-standing desk aficionados! We suggest that desk bounded workers switch between standing, sitting, and walking every 20 or so minutes, but if you wanted another sitting option, do some perching. Perching is the halfway point between standing and sitting, where the users usually sit closer to an edge of their seat with their legs stretch out in front of them for balance. The Perch is a beautifully designed active stool that has the same sculpted seat cushion to promote good posture and comfort, height adjustability for various sitting needs, and dynamic range of motion to allow for blood flow, core engagement, and back support. BUY


Varier Wing Balans

Do you recall the elementary gym classes where you would be kneeling on scooter boards to play tag?  Leave it to Varier to come out the first kneeling chair on wheels (and give us a strong hit of childhood nostalgia), it is these casters that give us a similar look and feel to a traditional office chair. While we suggest you get up to walk over, the Wing Balans will allow you to effortlessly glide from point A or B without getting up. This modern chair is height adjustable to tailor to users’ sitting style: lower height is needed for when kneeling, while users will want to crank it taller for perching. True to Varier styling, the Wing Balans is a modern option for a primary office chair in any workspace. BUY


Safco Accent Sit-stand Desktop Converter

Do you travel frequently or remote from various worksites for work? Think it is impossible to have a standing desk for your nomadic work life?  Well, we got news for you, the Safco Accent Desk Converter is an ultra-slim, portable desk converter that can convert any tabletop into an active workspace. Weighing in at 23 lbs, collapsed height of 1.5” tall, and with carrying handles, the Accent can easily fit in any car trunk or even checked baggage, allowing you to bring a sit-stand desk wherever your work takes you. BUY


esi S2S Desk Converter

Sleek and durable, the esi S2S Desk Converter allows you to convert any traditional desk into an active, sit-stand one with its adjustable weight pneumatic mechanism that allows for users to tailor the tension to effortless lift 35 lb without electricity or with excessive exertion. It features a spacious top platform that supports multiple monitors or laptops. The flat edge of the platform seamlessly pairs with the esi range of monitor arms, as well. We enjoy the versatility of the esi S2S so much so, we are running a giveaway on one right now, ENTER HERE


Drexel Stamina Mini Exercise Bike

We all been there; sitting down, trying to concentrate but your leg starts involuntarily bouncing and moving. Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is discomfort and a strong urge to move your legs especially from long periods of being sedentary. While you can’t keep walking everywhere, you could give your legs something to do while you are seated to minimize the small quakes by cycling on the Drexel Stamina Mini Exercise Bike! So compact that it can unassumingly live under your desk or any table, this cycling unit helps to keep your feet moving without disrupting others. Users can opt to use it on a tabletop and pedal with their hands for an upper-body workout, too. BUY


We are always on the eye out for new products to bring you active solutions to integrate into your lifestyle. Please follow us on our Instagram to keep up to date with curated Fresh In Fridays. 



February 20, 2020 — ANITA HSIEH

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