How to integrate movement during Music Festival Season

It’s mid-July and, like many Canadians, I’m starting to get ready for the music festival season. With Calgary Folk and Music Festival happening this coming weekend I thought it would be a good idea to discuss some ways to help integrate movement during this upcoming festival season.

Don’t get me wrong, I recognize that integrating movement is not an issue for all festival goers.  I’m looking at you, the people that spend the entire time in the dancing area! But, for many of us, it's a lot of time spent sitting in your chair watching the shows or the sessions at the side-stages. Depending on the festival’s rules, some of my tips for staying active will work and others will not. Use at your own risk!


Kore Floor Wobbler

One item that should work at every festival is the Kore Floor Wobbler. It is a hard plastic disk that you can sit, kneel, stand or even do a handstand on! Its convex base allows it to wobble which will help you to integrate movement. It also has a ring that will limit the movement so that you don’t fall off while using it. This item is perfect for both adults and kids, and can really help you move and groove to the music while staying seated.


Safco Mogo Seat

The Safco Mogo is a great seat that is light, comfortable and collapses so that it would fit into your backpack. It also allows you to move a lot in a seated position! At the Calgary Folk and Music Festival you could use it along the sides of the sitting areas, while enjoying a cool drink in the Beer Garden, or while waiting in line to get into the festival.

I am a huge fan of the Safco Mogo seat and will use while volunteering this weekend at the Calgary Folk Festival. Because I will be behind the scenes and sending most of my time sitting at a table, this seat will help me to stay active during my shifts.


Getting to the Festival

Another great way to increase your movement during a festival is to incorporate movement into getting to the festival grounds. Most festivals, including the Calgary Folk and Music Festival offer special bike parking for patrons. Biking to the festival is an ideal way to integrate more movement into your day, and it’s great for your health and for the environment. Another option is to walk or take transit to the venue.



For those bringing kids to a festival, pack a few active toys to play with.  A frisbee or a beach ball are great toys to get the kids up and moving between sets.  For those with rhythm, pack a hula hoop and groove to the music. Check your festival’s guidebook for rules on what’s allowed in the seating areas.  Some toys may need to be used away from the stage areas.


Other Activities

While you’re waiting for the main stage shows, get out and check out all the non-concert activities. Many festivals have drum circles, workshops, artisanal areas and food markets. Walk around and see what else your festival has to offer. Also, be on the lookout for i
mpromptu jam session where festival musicians often join in! The best way to come across one is to keep your eyes open and move around during the “off times”.


If you’re attending this weekend’s festival in Calgary, remember to stay hydrated and safe in the sun, and, most importantly, have fun.

July 24, 2019 — Greg Axani

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