Integrating Movement on World Diabetes Day

November 14th is World Diabetes Day. This year marks the 10th year I’ve been living with this disease – I think it is more important than ever to discuss the impacts of diabetes in the classroom and the office.


Living with Diabetes

For those that don’t know, I was diagnosed ten years ago with Type 1 Diabetes, which is an autoimmune disease the body attacks insulin-producing cells, leaving patients unable to process glucose as normal. Generally, it is diagnosed by the individual having elevated blood glucose levels. Treatment can involve medications (pills, insulin) and/or increasing exercise and movement. Those with Type 1 Diabetes, movement is a crucial part of treatment. With two-thirds of Canadians suffering with either diabetes or is pre-diabetic, movement should be an important part of all our lives.


Importance of Integrating Movement

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Personally, I manage my sugars with both insulin (administered through a pump) and a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). The continuous glucose monitor is an important piece as it allows me to access my current blood glucose on-demand and observe how the levels are trending. The coolest thing about my CGM is how I can monitor my sugars fluctuate as I use an active furniture at work.  Comparatively, I see how my sugar levels are affected when I spend the day just sitting at my desk. I get it, we love to integrate movement into our daily lives, but sometimes you just want to sit in a comfortable chair at your desk. However, witnessing how my sugar levels react to when I am standing, perching, or wobbling at my desk; it encourages me to get up onto my feet and utilize active office furniture.


Balancing Act

My favourite item to use at the office is a new addition to Fitneff, the Kore Design Kore Kids Floor Wobbler Balance Disc. The manufacturers’ photos depict a child, sitting cross-legged on a red disc, however, this is easily the best balance board – standing product I’ve used. Firstly, it is made from an anti-microbial plastic, which is both a little flexible and hard-wearing. The top has a built-in grip which offers solid grip to leather-soled shoes and/or flat-soled shoes. And the cherry on top, it has a lifetime warranty, which is added reassurance that I will have this for years to come.

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The Floor Wobbler has a patented ring on the base that prevents users from wobbling too much and falling. It offers the perfect amount of wobble; enough to feel core engagement but not so much that you’ll fall off. You can also twist on it! This swiveling motion doubles as a great precursor training for the upcoming ski or snowboarding training.


Perfect Standing Desk Companion

I also really enjoy the Kore Design Office PLUS Sit-Stand Chair. The extended height range allows me to perch on my chair for when I need a break from standing at my standing desk. It is also a great active chair that can be lowered to pair with my standard-height desks. The seat offers substantial cushioning and the base allows me to wobble and move while sitting at my desk.


Utilizing both the Floor Wobbler and the Office PLUS chair will affect sugar levels to a point where I need to adjust my insulin so that my sugars do not go too low. It is actually really remarkable how adding a bit of movement throughout my day will read on my CGM.

Walk the walk

The largest impact I see on my sugars is by using a treadmill while working. I always need to either consume sugar, or from my insulin before using one because my sugars drop so significantly after even 30 minutes. Products like the WalkTop outfits existing treadmills, while the iMovR Thermo Tread GT Treadmill will fit underneath most standing desks, and if you are tight on space or prefer a treadmill desk you can tuck away, the Bodycraft Spacewalker is a great addition to any office.


The reason I integrate movement is the improvement I witness in my mood. Dealing with a chronic disease 24/7 can really be challenging, and depression is a real issue with a lot of diabetics. Moving helps me focus while simultaneously improves my mood. Integrating movement is a real win-win for my office!


So, for today and for the remainder of November, think about how integrating movement can positively impact your life or the life of your loved ones. Check out the Kore Design products on sale for Black Friday. 

November 14, 2019 — Greg Axani

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