Keep Summer Alive All Year Long

 It’s September. Summer vacations are over and sunny long weekends are a thing of the past. It is time to get back to work, back to business and back into the habit of sitting at our desks. In many ways, our summer lifestyle is healthier than during other months of the year. Just because we are returning to our fall routines, it does not mean that we have to revert back to unhealthy behaviours.

Here are three simple ways to keep the best of summer alive.

Keep Moving

When the weather outside is nice and warm, we are more likely to be active and outdoors. The return of cooler weather is often accompanied by long hours working or studying, which also tend to be hours spent inactive. We don’t have to be sedentary to be productive. A WalkTopTM treadmill desk, or a sit-stand desk that allows you to move from sitting to standing while you continue to work, enables you to keep your body moving.

Make Time for Natural Sunlight

Speaking of the outdoors, when we spend too much time indoors, we are deprived of the many benefits of fresh air and natural sunlight. Take advantage of sunny days by scheduling time to get outdoors. Walk to work, be sure to get outside for lunch or schedule a walking meeting (yes, even when it is chilly outside!). You will return to your desk invigorated, refreshed and better able to focus on the work ahead of you.

Go Barefoot

During the summer, we have more opportunities to kick off our shoes, walk in the grass or stroll down the beach with bare feet. Come September, we are back to structured, restrictive shoes that may be bad for our health. Where possible, find some time to go barefoot (or at least shoeless) throughout the workday. Keep a comfortable pair of shoes under your desk and slip into them while working, or on your daily commute. For extra comfort, keep an anti-fatigue mat in places where you are likely to be standing for long periods of time.

Keep your happy, active summer lifestyle alive all year long. Staying fit, spending time outdoors and tossing aside restrictive, uncomfortable footwear will not only feel great, it allow you to return to your indoor work life feeling like you’ve had a small taste of summer.



September 08, 2016 — Heather Lielmanis

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