“Moving” into 2018 – How to keep your New Year’s Resolution at Your Desk!

Did you make any New Year resolutions? Are they ambitious “stretch targets” to get healthy and work out at the gym every day? Is 2018 the year that you are going to be thinner and in better shape?

The Bad News of New Year’s Resolutions – 80 % Fail!

Unfortunately, 80% of you will fail to stick by your New Year’s Resolution, and by mid-February, only 20% will be still be committed according to a stat in the US News. According to an article in the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Journal, immediate rewards are more strongly associated with actual persistence to achieve a goal, so long-term goals are hard to keep if there is no instant satisfaction!

So, What’s the Good News?

In a publication by the Behavioural Science & Policy Association, researchers have found it is easier to establish enduring lifestyle habits by “bundling” a healthy behavior with something that you do already on a regular basis. This can be especially true if you have immediate positive feedback or reward when you are doing the activity. If your favorite part of the day is to have a morning cup of coffee at your desk before everyone gets into the office, then doing something healthy at the same time will have a positive connotation.

How to turn that coffee at your desk into a healthy habit

To be successful at a resolution, it must be achievable and sustainable. Smaller goals that are repeatable become stepping stones to achieve more difficult goals. If your goal is to walk more, how about a goal to get in 2,000 steps before having that coffee at your desk that you enjoy so much. Or if your goal is to be more focused, how about practicing some mindfulness exercises for 15 to 20 minutes before your coffee. By choosing achievable and sustainable goals that can be “bundled” with things you like to do on a regular basis you can turn that coffee at your desk into a healthy habit.

Making the entire day at your desk more healthy

Being successful at achieving small goals before having coffee at your desk is a great way to start achieving your goals. Have you ever thought about making your entire day in the office healthier? A study by the Division of Preventive Medicine at Harvard Medical School includes compelling information about inactivity in the workplace. Lack of movement increases the risk of heart disease, breast and colon cancers, and type 2 diabetes. How about a new year resolution to integrate movement into your entire day at your desk? Solutions like a Standing or Treadmill Desk, or some Active Sitting Solutions are a great way to encourage passive movement throughout the day.

Now that we are already into 2018 it might be time to re-assess that New Year’s Resolution. With the odds against you succeeding, how about setting a goal allows you to integrate movement into your daily life..


January 11, 2018 — Ron Bettin

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