National Bike to Work Day Q&A

Have you ever considered switching up your commute? 

National Bike to Work Day is on May 18th this year, and we’re highly encouraging everyone to participate! Here at Fitneff, we advocate for greater movement throughout your day in whatever way that you can, and biking to work rather than driving is an excellent option.

To give you that extra incentive, I sat down with two of our employees who bike to work themselves every single day: Kate, our eCommerce Manager, and Ron, our CEO and President. They share their expertise and wisdom on why they bike to work and why you should too:

 Bike to work

Kate, our eCommerce Manager, at the Bike to Work Day event for Calgary, AB


Q: When did you start biking to work and why?

Ron: We moved closer to downtown about three years ago and I started biking to work due to the convenience. I wish that I had done this years ago and can’t imagine ever going back to a commute that requires driving each day.  

Kate: I started biking to work when I moved to Calgary and I was within biking distance to my new office - that was about two years ago. My commute is much more enjoyable now that I don’t have to sit through traffic.


Q: What do you enjoy the most about your biking commute?

Ron: Biking to work is simply the best and most enjoyable way for me to get to and from the office. I am fortunate that my route is scenic and takes me along a path by the river and through some interesting neighborhoods. Every day I get to see and enjoy parts of the city that I never knew existed when driving. 

Kate: I love enjoying the fresh air first thing in the morning. Working in an office means that I don’t get to enjoy the outdoors during the day. Biking to work allows me to be out in nature, making it the perfect way to start and end my work day.


Q: How does biking to work impact your day?

Ron: Biking removes the hassles and stress that I used to have driving to work. Being stuck in traffic or looking for a parking spot can be very frustrating and time-consuming. Biking turns commuting from a negative to a positive experience each day; I feel healthier, happier and more energized both when I arrive at work and back home at the end of the day.

Kate: Biking to work lets me start off my day with a clear mind; I arrive at the office with a more focused mindset for the day. It’s a simple exercise that has become routine for me, but it makes me feel like I’m making a real difference in my health. There’s a noticeable difference in my energy levels on the days that I bike to work versus the ones that I don’t.


Q: What would you say to people considering changing their commute to biking?

Ron: Don’t over-complicate your decision to bike… just do it!  If you have a long-distance to bike, then drive or take transit (if they allow bikes) to a convenient place near your workplace and bike the rest of the way.  Make the choice to bike because you want to make a positive difference in your daily life and you will find that “bike time” is much more fulfilling than “car time”!

Kate: Just start! Don’t overthink it. The only way to feel more comfortable biking to work is to just start biking to work. Once you get out there it’s a lot easier than it seems, and you start to notice the benefits right away.


All in all, it’s safe to say that biking to work is a great option for integrating movement into your day – all you have to do is start! So ditch the car keys and the transit pass on May 18th and choose to bike to work instead.


May 16, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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