Raise the Bar with these 10 Desk Products

If you’re anything like me your office desk is your home base while at work. It’s the first place you go to after grabbing your morning cup of coffee and the last place you leave on late nights. Whether your answering important emails or having an afternoon laugh with coworkers, your office desk is an essential part of daily work life and where you often find yourself glued to for most of the day. 

Spending so much time at our desks often leaves us physically inactive for long periods of time, which in turn impacts our productivity. The typical office desk isn’t designed for integrating movement and can leave us working in uncomfortable positions. Not to worry, these 10 desk products will surely keep you comfortable and active throughout the day!

1. Ergo-Comfort Read/Write Copy Stand

How often do you experience neck or eye pain from reading and writing at uncomfortable angles? If you’re someone who experiences neck pain or eye strain this handy reading/ writing stand is perfect for you! It’s two angle options works to combat neck and eye pain by tilting reading materials at an upward angle allowing you to read and write in comfort.

2. Safco Desk Risers

This blog is all about raising the standards of traditional office desks and what better way to take your office desk to the next level than with desk risers! The Safco Desk Risers’ ergonomic design allows users to raise laptops and monitors roughly eight inches off desk surfaces in order to reduce neck strain and allows you to alternate between sitting and standing. Its multi-level set up also provides you with the perfect amount of space for office supplies and personalized Knick Knacks.

3. Kick Balance Board

Perfect for everyday office use, the Kick Balance Board allows users to integrate movement easily while at their desk. The low-intensive exercise gained from utilizing this board engages the core, providing users with more energy throughout the day, perfect for a midweek pick me up!  Great for both beginners and experienced users alike this is definitely a must have item.

4. InMovement Integrate Desk Pedals

This has got to be one of my favourite products it’s portable, it’s easy to use and great for getting your legs pumping and circulation flowing throughout the day! Sitting or standing this portable elliptical stepper provides a fun and effective way to counteract the negative effects of sedentary office life.  

5. Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Monitor Arm

I’m pretty sure this product invented the word productivity. It’s dual monitor arm not only creates a side-by-side monitor configuration allowing individuals to utilize both screens simultaneously, but its fully adjustable feature allows individuals to customize LCD screen positioning with a wide range of motion in any direction. This product frees up a tremendous amount of space allowing you increase the ergonomic functionality of your office desk and increase your effectiveness. Talk about productivity, am I right?

6. Integrate Anti-Fatigue Mat

Often times we are tethered to our comfy office chairs which hinders us from ever incorporating any kind of movement throughout the day. What if I told you that with Integrate Anti-Fatigue Mat you’ll want to stand up and move around throughout your work day? Its thick comfortable cushioning is designed to provide you with total body allowing you to stay on your feet longer and significantly reduce fatigue.   

7. Focal Mogo Seat

Is your office chair the most ergonomic it could be? Be honest. Chances are it’s probably not, in fact, maybe it’s the reason you’ve been less productive and have had difficulty incorporating movement within the office. If this sounds like you maybe, it’s time for you to upgrade your office chair and try out the Focal Mogo Seat. It’s lightweight, portable and it’s leaned position helps reduce pressure on your spine and other related muscles.  

8. Ergotron WorkFit-TX Standing Desk Converter

Transform your ordinary work desk into fully adjustable standing desk with the Ergotron WorkFit-TX Standing Desk Converter. Its adjustable features enable you to lower it down to your work station accommodating for the traditional seated position or to eye level accommodating for an active standing position. You want to know the best part? It comes fully assembled so there’s no need to stress or fuss about setup.

9. Soar by Safco Electric Desktop Sit/Stand

The Soar by Safco Electric Desktop Sit/Stand is another great product that acts to elevate your traditional desk experience through the  promotion of movement. Remotely powered a simple push of a button instantly lowers or increases height to better accommodate individual preferences. It’s ergonomic design significantly reduces back and neck strain which acts to decrease work-related injuries. Its easily programmable features allows you to significantly reduce health risks associated with sedentary work behaviour. So the next time you’re thinking of a handy tool that thinks of your health first consider the Soar by Safco Electric Desktop Sit/Stand.


10. Portable FootFidget Footrest

Have you ever been itching to stretch your legs or leave your desk but can’t because of pressing matters that need to be handled right at that very moment? Maybe you have fidgety feet but nothing at your desk allows you to transform those movements in order to help your productivity. Don’t let the sedentary life get the best of you, try out the  Portable FootFidget Footrest. Its lightweight and portable design allows you to move it anywhere around your desk throughout the day. Not only does this product help you release pent-up energy but also helps users maintain focus in a non-disruptive effective way.  



It is so easy to get caught up in the sedentary life cycle but that is why it is so vital that we make the effort to integrate movement wherever we can throughout our daily lives. We Hope that these desk products have shown you that no matter where you are even somewhere as mundane as your office desk that it is possible to stay healthy and stay active!



May 30, 2019 — Kate Spenst

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