Remembering Fitneff Co-Founder - Devon Bolton

A creative genius sees or hears things that others don’t. They do not write music; they hear music and write it down. They do not paint pictures; they see things and paint them.” - David Berthold

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing this month of Devon Bolton, Co-Founder of Fitneff. 

The Fitneff Story

The Fitneff story began when Devon Bolton, Laurel Walzak, and Ron Bettin met during Queen’s University Executive MBA Program.  On this intense educational experience, we had a chance to meet some exceptional people, and Devon stood out with his passion and intensity. One evening over beers, the idea of designing a treadmill desk came to fruition, and the WalkTop was born; before we even graduated, Fitneff was formed.

Devon Bolton interview for Fitneff WalkTop Treadmill Desk

Devon being interviewed at WalkTop launch in Calgary

As a Fitneff Co-Founder, Devon developed our branding and guided us into creating a company that “provides solutions to integrate movement into everyday life: at work, at school, at home, and on the go.”  More importantly, Devon was a trusted friend and adviser, and his creative genius and marketing wisdom guided us in those early start-up days.  So many times, Devon would say that he was “putting himself in the shoes of the customer” and challenge us to think outside the box to do things better.

Devon’s Journey

Devon’s life was an extraordinary journey, and his interests and talents were diverse.  As a gifted young filmmaker, he had his dramatic directing debut with the 1998 movie short "Memoirs of a Western Newspaperman," which won "Best Short Film" and garnered him "Best Director" and "Best Editor" nominations at the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards. With his sister, Kirsten, he then made the short films “Shipwrecked” (2004) and then “Promise” (2008).




Devon Bolton and Kirsten Bolten BAFTA Award Winners for Shipwrecked, Best Short Film 
Devon Bolton & Kirsten Bolton

Shipwrecked had international success winning “Best Short” at many of the international film festivals it played and went on to win a prestigious “"BAFTA/LA Short Film Award."  Devon continued his career as a commercial director and worked with agencies in Canada and the US before transitioning his career into a sought after creative and marketing adviser.

Devon’s Legacy

Devon will be deeply missed by his friends, family, and his four children who he adored.   Devon is a part of the Fitneff DNA, and we will remember him by living up to the high standards he set by “putting ourselves in the customer's shoes” and caring compassionately for those that are close to us. 

Fitneff Founders, Ron Bettin, Devon Bolton and Laurel Walzak

Ron Bettin, Devon Bolton & Laurel Walzak

 We will miss Devon dearly.  Godspeed.


December 24, 2019 — Ron Betttin


Ed Walzak

Ed Walzak said:

As shareholders of Fitness, parents of Laurel and good friends of Ron, my wife
Carole and I are deeply saddened by the passing of Devon. We offer his children and family our prayers and warm thoughts to get through this untimely passing of a talented young man..

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