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Julie Robinson, Program Coordinator for the Writers' Guild of Alberta, recently starting using a DT1 sit-stand desk from Fitneff. 

This desk is specifically designed for laptop users, as the work surface was designed to support a laptop computer (unlike other sit-stand desk options that support various desktop computer configurations, including a choice of one or two large monitors).

The DT1 clamps easily to any side of the desk, allowing the user to effortlessly pull it up to standing height, thus allowing her to stand while working on a laptop. When used in the seated position, it also serves as an egonomic keyboard tray, as it allows for easy positioning of the surface to the appropriate height that allows your arms and wrists to stay at the perfect typing position. 

Finally, the DT1 features a swivel arm that enables 360° rotation. This offers the versatility to work from any side of the desk, and is extremely useful for collaborative work. 

We reached out to Julie to find out how things are going with her new DT1 sit-stand desk.

Tell me about your work habits before starting to use the DT1.

Prior to using the DT1, I typically sat in my office chair from 9:00 to 12:30, at which time I microwaved my lunch and ate it while working. Then I would push my chair back, stand up, and lean over my desk for a while. Awkward, yes, but I needed a stretch! Then, I sat back down until the end of the work day at 4:30. I began to hear that sitting is so unhealthy, so these habits were quite worrisome.

Tell me how you've incorporated it into your work routine. 

The DT1 is attached to the front of my desk, off-centre, so that I have the option of standing or sitting. I haven't clocked the times I raise it to stand, but with my wireless keyboard and adjustable monitor, I simply move my chair and stand up any time I feel like assuming a different position. This occurs several times a day. 

Did it take long to adjust to working with your new sit-stand desk?

It didn't take long at all. I gained some extra desk space for documents because I chose to leave my keyboard on the DT1 and sit a little further back from the monitor. But I can just as easily move the entire thing out of the way and sit at the desk normally. The adjustable elements of the desk afford considerable flexibility and versatility. 

Have you experienced any benefits to working at your DT1? 

There are certainly physical benefits to being able to stand for a portion of the workday. My legs and shoulders sometimes get cramped. So far, I am not physically inhibited in any way and am used to walking, gardening, etc. Being confined to a chair for a significant portion of the day feels very uncomfortable and even frustrating. I know in my head that I ought to do certain stretches but somehow don't do them. Having a sit-stand desk is a simple and accessible solution.

Have there been any issues or concerns? Any drawbacks? 

My wireless Apple mouse does not work well on the silver top of the desk, so a mousepad is necessary. This is an easy thing to address.  

Do you notice any benefits in other areas of your life? 

My colleague, Ellen Kartz, and I were talking this morning about pacing while writing creative work and how that can help an idea settle into the body and open up meaning. There have been authors who found a way to write standing up: Hemmingway, Virginia Woolf, Charles Dickens to name a few -- so allowing a flow between body and mind seems to be a fruitful practice.

Do you recommend this desk to others? If so, why? 

I would definitely recommend it to others. It has tremendous flexibility, and offers an option simply not available when one works at a regular desk. I realize that the DT1 is meant for a laptop, but I used it comfortably with my keyboard, not far from my monitor.

Congratulations, Julie, for finding a healthier way to be more fruitful in your work!

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May 24, 2017 — Heather Lielmanis

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