Stand and Move for a More Productive Day at Work

Stand and Move for a More Productive Day at Work

For almost a year now, Tina Kessler Marquis has been working with a DT2 sit-stand desk at work. She knew that she was sitting too much, and that her days at the office felt long and tiresome, but she didn't realize the true culprit until she made the switch. Since switching to a sit-stand desk, she's standing and moving more and more throughout the day. She feels a renewed sense of energy and focus at work, and she's happy to share her story here today!   

Q: Was it difficult to adjust to this new working style?  

Initially, no. I was so excited to try it out and was committed to giving it a proper go. After the first few days I realized that if I was going to be standing most of the day, I would need to wear supportive shoes. I also found an anti-fatigue mat to be a helpful addition because it means that I can stand for longer periods of time without feeling tired. 

Now I can't imagine going back to a regular desk. Standing and moving have become a part of my daily life at work. I feel better and I believe my work has improved.  

Q: What benefits have you experienced since you started working at your sit-stand desk?  

I'm definitely more focused at work. I feel am more productive and less likely to be distracted. When am already standing, I find myself making more frequent trips to the kitchen to get a glass of water, to speak with colleagues or to go to the photocopier. That is, I'm moving and walking more often, which is truly better for me.  

Q: What tasks do you find you are best able to do while standing? Are there any things that require sitting?  

Just about anything I don my computer at work can be done easily while standing. Reading and responding to emails, working in a database, spreadsheets, and word documents are done while standing. I do find that I prefer to sit while collaborating with others on my team or working on printed documents, but I think I also see times like this as an opportunity in the day to leave my desk anyway. 

Q:  Have you noticed any health benefits that extend beyond your work day? 

When I started using the sit-stand desk, I became more conscious of the little things I could be doing in my life that would benefit my health. For example, opting to take the stairs, or just getting out for a short walk at lunch. After all, I was already upright most of the day and felt I might as well keep going!


Thank you Tina for your feedback! If you are interested in learning about which sit-stand desk might be right for you and your work space, please contact Fitneff directly for a consultation. 


March 01, 2017 — Heather Lielmanis

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