Stuck in the Office this Summer – GET MOVING!

Are you looking out the window wishing you were on vacation or wishing you were one of those people who get to work outside and enjoy the summer? Even worse, are you stuck at a desk without any movement all day? It may not get you outside, but today there are many options to integrate some movement into your workplace that will help to get the blood circulating and add some creativity to your daily routine.


How about a treadmill desk? Have you ever thought about walking while working? The first reaction of a treadmill desk is that they would not be able to type and walk at the same time, but it turns out to be much easier than most people realize. In fact, most people seem to be typing texts on their mobile devices while walking through busy shopping malls (annoying as this is!), so think how much easy this would be with a full-size keyboard, at a dedicated workstation, going at the pace you want! Working at a treadmill desk is not about how fast you are going, but the fact that you are not sitting! And after a short walk, you can just stop walking and stand for awhile… just like you would be doing on a leisurely stroll through the park outside!

SpaceWalker Treadmill Desk Walk while you Work

SpaceWalker Treadmill Desk



If your old desk is stuck in one position, there are many options to get you standing. Ideally, you get a sit-stand desk that will quickly rise from the sitting position to the standing position that will let you stay active in the workplace. If you change your position during the day by alternating position between sitting and standing you will find that you have more energy and mental alertness. This is helpful when you are trying to be productive and not daydream about actually being outside!

InMovement Sit Stand Desk - Elevate DeskTop DT2



When you are wishing that you were out paddle boating on the lake or resting your legs after climbing to the top of a mountain peak it will make you want to move your legs! There are many sitting accessories that will allow you to get those restless legs moving while you are in your office. Desk Pedals are ideal as you can “get your steps in” while stuck in your office. Also, ensure that you are resting your legs properly to ensure proper blood circulation and prevent cramping you should have a proper foot rests.

Under the Desk Pedals Canada

Integrate™ Desk Pedals



Being outside all summer would be amazing, but if you are like most people who will be stuck in the office for much of the summer, try to find a way to bring some movement into your workspace!

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July 19, 2017 — ron B

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