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2017: It's time for businesses to "Step it Up"

It’s the New Year and people across the country are a week into their resolutions for 2017. A lot of us make personal resolutions to lose weight and get fit; wouldn’t it be great if companies and corporations across the country did the same? 2017 is the year for business and community leaders to work together towards a healthier, happier workforce. It's time to "Step it Up." Janine Dilger tells us why now is the perfect time to get walking and how your company can get started. Read more...
January 06, 2017 — Janine Dilger
The Importance of Being Outdoors

The Importance of Being Outdoors

After a walk outdoors yesterday, I was able to return to my computer with a renewed sense of focus and vigour. I had such a productive afternoon. It turns out that spending time outdoors during the workday is good for us on so many levels. Here’s why!

May 30, 2016 — Heather L

Accessories You Need for a Dynamic Workplace

You've made the decision to create a more dynamic office environment, and are about to begin using  sit-stand desk. These 3 simple accessories will allow you to stand comfortably and move freely between sitting and standing without interrupting your productivity. Read more.

April 29, 2016 — Heather L