The 5 Ways the BodyCraft Spacewalker Treadmill will Change your Life

If you are working in an office or home office, chances are you’re sitting, a lot. And we’ve all been talked our ears off on the detrimental effects of prolong periods of sitting and generally being sedentary, but it is not like we are able to just ditch work to go for 30-minute walks every hour, right?  So, what are we to do? You can place a sit-stand desk converter or swap your current office chair for an active one, or take a step further by integrating the BodyCraft Spacewalker Treadmill into your work routine. The BodyCraft SpaceWalker is one of Active Good's best sellers and here are the 5 reasons you’ll want to have one for yourself.

Sleek and functional design

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Think of the treadmill you would use at the gym. Well, the Spacewalker is nothing like it; it boasts an ultra slim yet functional profile that won’t look out of place in any office or home interior. The desk platform with dedicated pen groove and cup holder is perfect for setting down a laptop and taking a short stroll on the steel frame deck while you reply to emails or listen in to teleconference calls or video meetings.  Bonus, it even comes to you fully assembled.


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The Spacewalker is a transformer; as it morphs from a desk treadmill to a 300 lb loadbearing bench or even act as a coffee table in a home office or waiting area. Simply unplug when not in use and fold down the unit to its work out bench or coffee table form, it even has two casters so the entire unit can be easily maneuvered from space to space. An unassumingly versatile piece of active furniture.

Strolls not sprints

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With speeds ranging from 0.5-4.0 mph, the Spacewalker was designed for you to walk and work simultaneously at a comfortable pace. We found that 0.5-1.5 mph is a great multitasking speed, where you can type and walk without feeling distracted. When you reach the 2.0-3.0 mph, you could be in a brief meeting, where you can still converse without sounding winded. We would reserve speeds of 3.0 mph or higher to tasks where you are actively listening, such as seminars or podcasts. The Spacewalker was designed to keep the busy professional moving throughout the day, not to train for a marathon.

Simple user controls

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Once you figure out where the on/off switch is (it is located by the front of the belted deck, right by the power cable), the rest is simple. When standing on the deck, you’ll see a bright LED screen that displays speed, time, distance, and pulse reading, which you can control with membrane tactile buttons. Users can clip in with a safety key to ensure that the treadmill will come to a complete halt if removed. Include the Spacewalker to help you achieve your daily wellness goals, such as getting more work done on your feet or clocking in 10 K steps a day (which is the equivalent to the distance of 8 km or the time of 1h and 40 minutes). When you see how multi-tasking low impact movement with your to-do list, you’ll never want to get off the Spacewalker.


Transforms your (work) day

spacewalker treadmill, treadmill desk, red treadmill, working from home, active professional

Integrating more activity in your workday does not have to take away from your productivity, in fact it does the opposite – incorporating exercise at the beginning or through the workday improves performance and productivity due to increased blood flow throughout the body, including the brain. Even the leisurely aerobics of walking at a steady pace on the Spacewalker, while you check emails or on the phone, could set you up for a more focus and alertness for more involved tasks later on.  We also have the habit of setting alarms every hour or so to remind us to switch to standing, walking, or do a couple stretches our desks – which allow us to realign our postures and reengage our inactive muscles from prolong periods of sitting.  Now that we are spending more time at home with the impending darker and chillier days upon us, having the Spacewalker in the home is safe and efficient way to log in extra steps.


Work or play, the Bodycraft Spacewalker is a remarkable desk treadmill with a simple goal to get on your feet and do some light walking during your workday. And if you need any further convincing, we were completely sold out of the red Spacewalker last year – luckily, we got a recent restock of this striking colourway. Check out Bodycraft’s detailed video of the Spacewalker in action! If you need help with your order, please contact us at

November 02, 2020 — Anita Hsieh

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