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July is more than halfway done, and that means that we’ve passed the halfway mark of our company step challenge! For those of you who missed the first step challenge blog, the Fitneff team is battling it out for all the glory the entire month of July. We’re using our handy Garmin activity trackers (specifically the Vivofit 4 and the Vivoki models) to accurately track our steps week-by-week, and whoever ends up with the largest grand total at the end of the month will be crowned the winner!


The Activity Tracker

Using the Vivofit 4 and Vivoki has been a great experience thus far in the step challenge. Both trackers easily sync to the Garmin compatible app so that we can view all data in one consolidated area. It’s also really helpful to be able to view our challenge within the app. We get frequently updated information on how our competitors are doing so that we know when we’re falling behind and need to pick up the slack. The battery life on these Garmins has also been very lovely to work with; no more need to constantly charge your activity tracker, just wear it and go.

Garmin activity trackers step challenge Fitneff Canada 

The Current Standings

Angelique is currently in the lead and has been holding out since the beginning of challenge (way to go Angelique!). There’s a little less than two weeks to go in the challenge, so anything can still happen! The current standings are as seen below:
Fitneff Garmin Step Challenge Canada

Tips and Tricks to Get More Steps In

Like last time, we asked the participants to answer a few questions about the challenge thus far.

Q: What are some of the tips or tricks you’ve used thus far in the challenge to increase your daily step count?

Angelique: I make sure I always reach my goal of 10,000 steps a day by doing things like parking further away and going on regular walks. Sometimes getting out the door to go for a walk is difficult, but often once I go to get 1000 steps, I end up doing more. I truly believe that if I wasn't tracking my steps with the help of the Garmin, I wouldn't be as motivated to get out and walk. Being able to visually see how many steps I have and how many more I need is huge.

Ron: I have to make work calls often, so I started walking while I’m on the phone to get more steps in. I’ve also been implementing walking meetings more often!

Kate: I started going for more late-night walks to increase my step count when I notice I’m falling behind my goal. I also started doing little things like getting off the train one stop early or taking the long way around the office to get coffee!

Rachel: Basically anytime I can think to add steps in, I do. I’ve parked my car further away from where I’m going, I’ve paced while watching TV, I’ve purposefully left things downstairs in my house so I have to go back and get them. Things like that!


Q: What’s one of the biggest benefits you’ve noticed this far in the competition?

Angelique: I am benefiting most from consistency. I am really competitive, so this challenge keeps me motivated daily!

Ron: The biggest benefit for me is a new awareness of choices I make that could be done walking versus sitting. I’ve noticed that a lot of my routine activities could be done walking if I just put my mind to it.

Kate: The biggest benefit I find with getting more movement in my days is a better night’s sleep. I find if I end my day with a walk I will have a much better rest.

Rachel: The biggest benefit I’ve noticed is motivation. I find watching the challenge updates and keeping an eye on my own personal progress really makes me want to go out and get more steps.


Q: What’s one of the biggest challenges you’ve noticed this far in the competition?

Angelique: The days that I sit at my desk without taking breaks are the most difficult, but it is a good reminder to get up and move during the day! 

Ron: I find it tough to remember to clip on my Garmin tracker each morning! Although I don’t like wearing anything on my wrist, so the Vivoki is still a much better option for me.

Kate: The biggest challenge is finding more creative ways to get movement. Even with my standing desk I don’t always walk away from my computer during the day, so I need to be creative about how to get my steps.

Rachel: The biggest challenge for me this far is finding ways to keep up! I’ve been getting well over 10,000 steps each day, but the competition is steeper than I thought! I love the motivation though, it’s great to keep me going.


Get Involved

There’s still time to get involved! There are a large variety of Garmin activity trackers available so that you can start keeping track of your data today. Regardless of whether or not you have a tracker, we’d love for you to follow along and join in the challenge on social media! Post a photo on Instagram of you increasing your step count with the hashtag #integratemovement for the chance to be featured on Fitneff’s page! 

July 18, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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