The Right Accessory can Make an Ergonomic Office

Everyone's heard of the old adage that the right accessory can make any outfit. You could be wearing the most elegant dress for a lovely night out, but if your shoes don't match or fit the occasion, the whole look seems off. You need just the right accessories to pull together the outfit so that everything works cohesively. 

Here at Fitneff, we believe the same concept applies when it comes to office wellness! There are a huge number of wellness accessories out there that can really do wonders for your movement throughout the day. If you only invest in big ticket items to refurbish your space, you'll still be integrating movement more than before, but you'll be missing out on that next level of wellness.  

Not convinced? Here are three ways that accessories can improve your experience when it comes to beating a sedentary lifestyle: 



1) Extra Motivation to Incorporate Wellness

Certain accessories will provide you with that extra kick you need to stay motivated to move throughout your day. For example, Garmin Activity Trackers measure your movement throughout the day with step counts and activity monitors. By setting a step count you're hoping to reach, you can visually see how close you're getting throughout the day and can then know exactly how much more you need to reach your goal. What better way to motivate than to see your goal becoming a reality right before your eyes? 

Check out one of our newer Garmins, the Vivofit 4, which is sleek, stylish and affordable but still has all your favourite features in an activity tracker: waterproof wristband, alerts when you've been too sedentary and automatic data capturing. 

Garmin Vivofit 4 Activity Tracker. Fitneff Canada 

2) Greater Ergonomic Comfort 

Why incorporate movement if you're going to be uncomfortable? Many accessories that we carry can offer you greater ergonomic comfort while using a standing desk or active seating solution. For example, anti-fatigue mats are perfect for tired, achy feet. If you find yourself avoiding using your standing desk because your feet get too sore, an anti-fatigue mat could be the solution! 

Other accessories that offer greater comfort include footrestsmonitor mounts and wrist restsdon't be uncomfortable if you don't have to be! 

 Ergotron Anti-Fatigue Mat. Fitneff Canada

3) More Movement! 

And of course, how could we not mention the added benefit of more movement! Several fidgets that you can add to your desk set-up allow your legs to move more so you don't have to sit still for long hours.  

For example, the Desk Pedals can be easily placed under any desk so that you can pedal through those long afternoons rather than being fully sedentary. Similarly, the Portable FootFidget allows for a non-disruptive outlet for any extra energy you might be carrying. So get moving and fidget away! 

 Portable FootFidget. Fitneff Canada

All in all, adding accessories to your office set-up will make all the difference in pursuing a lifestyle of wellness; get your workspace movement-ready today! 

May 09, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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