Top 8 Gifts for the Health-Conscious Dad. Fitneff Canada

Aren't Dads just the best? They work hard, they play hard, they make cheesy jokes – what's not to love?  

With Father's Day coming up next weekend, it's time to start thinking about what to get your Dad to show him your true appreciation and love. If your Dad is a health nut (like mine) or is just looking for more ways to live a healthy lifestyle, we've got the ultimate gift guide for you this year so that you won't be left scrambling to find something last minute. Check out our top eight gifts for the health-conscious Dad below! 


1) Hiking Guide 

A hiking guide is a great gift for any Dad seeking adventure. There are so many hikes in Canada that feature a wide variety of gorgeous scenery, from pristine lakes to raging rivers, rolling hills to majestic cliffs. So why not encourage your Dad to enjoy the nature our country has to offer while getting in some exercise? If you live near the Rockies, the Canadian Rockies Trail Guide is a good option for tons of thorough trail information in the area. If you're looking for something that features activities across the country, try the Great Canadian Bucket List. 


2) Standing Desk 

There are lots of Dads out there that spend long hours of their day sitting in an office at work. Why not give the gift of movement with a height-adjustable sit-stand desk? The Ergotron WorkFit T/TL Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation is perfect for any office configuration because it can sit on top of an existing desk. It also stays within the footprint of your desk when you move it up and down, so it doesn't take up any unnecessary extra space. Dad's productivity, mood and overall health will be improved by integrating more movement into his long days at the office. 

Ergotron WorkFit T/TL Sit-Stand Desk. Fitneff Canada

3) Bike Helmet 

Biking is a great pastime for any Dad interested in physical fitness. Whether your Dad is interested in biking for leisure or in biking competitively, pedaling around for a few hours a week is a highly enjoyable way to increase movement in his life. While a full bike may be out of the budget for Father's Day, a nice helmet to upgrade his equipment is just what he needs to stay safe and keep riding. Sport Chek offers a wide variety of styles to choose from depending on your Dad's preferences and needs. 


4) Garmin Activity Tracker 

What could be more motivating than physically viewing your progress as you improve? With Garmin Activity Trackers, you can challenge your Dad to reach new fitness goals each day while he keeps track of all the data in one handy device. The Garmin Vivomove Sporty Activity Tracker is a particularly stylish option that both tells time and shows your step progress right on the watch face. Get your Dads moving! 

 Garmin Vivomove Sporty Activity Tracker. Fitneff Canada


5) Cooking Knives 

Is your Dad a foodie as well as a health nut? If so, then investing in some high-quality knives is the perfect gift idea. With the right knife, your Dad can chop up as many fruits and veggies as he wants with ease and convenience so cooking healthy meals can be less of a hassle. There are tons of options out there for cooking knives, but this blog by Serious Eats does a great job of laying out some of the more popular ones according to your budgetary needs.  


6) Focal Mogo Seat 

If your Dad is always on the move finding himself tired and fatigued, the Focal Mogo Seat is the ideal solution. This balancing stool allows users to lean and take some weight off of the feet while still engaging the core and encouraging positive posture. Plus, it is completely portable with a foldable design so that it can fit into most backpacks. If you gift the Mogo, the next time your Dad is out and about at a concert, festival or event, he can lean back and relax at any time. 

Focal Mogo Seat Leaning Stool. Fitneff Canada 

7) Headphones 

Music is essential during any kind of workout; it instantly improves your mood and gets your adrenaline going for the activity ahead. For the healthy Dad who enjoys integrating movement, high-quality headphones are a terrific gift idea. He can listen to his favourite tunes while walking, running or biking and feel more energized from the start. If you're looking for something a little more special, Beats headphones are a top quality brand to invest in, but there are lots of more affordable options out there as well.  


8) Anti-Fatigue Mat 

For the Dad who is constantly suffering from tired achy feet, an anti-fatigue mat is just the thing. Long hours spent standing at the office can take a toll on the body. With an anti-fatigue mat in place, tension can be greatly reduced on the feet so that comfort comes first when your Dad wants to use a standing workstation. The Integrate Anti-Fatigue Mat is an affordable option that doesn't have a large footprint, so it can fit into any office space necessary. 

Integrate Anti-Fatigue Mat. Fitneff Canada

June 07, 2018 — Rachel Piers

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