We are going Back to the Office with these Active Office Furniture Favourites

We might have done it, we are well on our way to beating this global pandemic that turned our world, our routines upside down. As the guidelines thwart the infectious spread of the virus, we are meekly getting a taste of normalcy by being able to enjoy a movie in a theatre, sitting inside a restaurant, even doing away with those muffling face masks indoors. Of course, all this fun, also means we are migrating back to our professional office workspaces. While that news is met with mixed reactions, what WFH has taught us was how we relished every opportunity to leave the house, even if that was just a short stroll around the block or going to your neighbourhood coffee shop for that blood flow and just a bit of human interaction. Subsequently, when we got bored of our sourdough bread baking, deep cleaning our homes, and other shut-in COVID trends, we turned to hobbies we could do outdoors, like gardening, cycling, running and the like. Recreate the joy of movement while working the office with standing desks, active chairs, and other active office furniture pieces to liven up the 18+ months you have been away.

Loctek Deskcise Pro FlexiSpot Desk Bike

Itching to go cycling? Take this two-in-one active workstation for a ride, it can be customized to any users with adjustable work top and seat height. The user can choose their resistance: relaxed pace or turned up for a challenge. Keep your legs moving forward or backwards while you are drafting emails, on zoom calls, or even catching up with a co-worker, you’ll be subconsciously cycling to improve blood circulation.  At the end of the day, check out the LCD screen to see your progress of distance travelled, speed, calories burned, revolutions.

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Varier Custom Chairs

Inject colour into your workspace with a custom colour active chair from Norway-born Varier, an ergonomic chair company that invites users to move as they sit. The line includes active chairs for every sitting situation, from perching or straddling the Move at a standing desk or tall table, to the kneeling Balans or caster-footed Wings, to the lounging in the Kokon or the Gravity. All these chairs were designed with the concept of being able to experiment with the way you sit at a chair, whether that is swaying with the rounded base, or sitting taller via kneeling, or sitting backwards or on top of the chairs. Being able to also customize the colour of the frame and upholstery means you can tailor a Varier to your unique style. Never be bored with your office furniture again.

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Bodycraft Spacewalker

It is your workstation, your treadmill, your coffee table, or even your bench, the Spacewalker will always find a function amongst your space. Multitask your to-do list with on the Spacewalker with a leisurely stroll, the maximum speed is 4.0 mph. Perfect for minimalist laptop users or taking a break from your main desk, the Spacewalker allows busy professionals to continue their work whilst logging in the steps and discretely folds up when not in use.

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esi S2S

Rise up to the occasion with the esi S2S Standing Desk Converter, just place it on any standard desk, squeeze the lever to lift 35 lbs worth of your set up! Whenever we feel a creative block or just a restless from sitting for too long, we change from sitting to standing or even perching. The S2S makes the transition from sitting to standing easy with the lever, as the pneumatic lifts rises the entire workspace. As standing promotes blood flow to muscles in your core and legs, it also energizes your brain so you can be more creative and productive.

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CoreChair Classic

Can’t fathom going without an office chair? Neither could we, sometimes we want to get lots done and it nothing speaks concentration like buckling down into an office chair. What if there is a way to be active while being seated? Work those core muscles and taller posture with multi-directional pivot with the bestselling active chairs, the CoreChair Classic. Developed by chiropractors for spinal health and working ergonomics, the CoreChair Classic allows users to sit without being sitting completely still. There is a lot of pressure on our hips and spine when we sit for 8 hours a day, so the molded seat and low backrest with the flexible movement of the CoreChair Classic allows us to make micromovements that subtly work our core muscles to improve posture.

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Lockdown made us stay home, but didn’t confine us to our chairs. Because we got up and sat at our dining room table, we sat on our plush sofas, we sat at tall bar stools on the kitchen island, sometimes, we didn’t even sit at all, as we paced from room to room to take our calls. We did it because we had options to sit anywhere to refresh our environment and perspective. Experience that same freedom by investing in one piece of active furniture that gave you more control of how you want to work, even if you have migrated back to the office or have gone full remote.

August 16, 2021 — Anita Hsieh

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