Safco AlphaBetter® Adjustable-Height Student Stool

$293.99 CAD

Brand Safco
SKU: 1205BL

The AlphaBetter® Stool by Safco is the ideal alternate to standing. It pairs perfectly with the AlphaBetter Desk, as both units adjust in 1.25" increments to allow maximum ergonomic comfort for student users. With this stool, students are free to use the Patented Swinging Pendulum Footrest Bar on the AlphaBetter Desk to work out any extra fidgety energy while sitting. 

With a specially designed wide-angle base, this height-adjustable stool is also virtually tip-resistant so that students stay safely upright. Metal swivel glides on the bottom of each leg make the stool easy to move across any surface; classroom reconfigurations can be done in minutes. 

In AlphaBetter classrooms, teachers can teach with fewer interruptions as students get the postural support that they need to stay focused.  


  • Height-adjustable for personalized comfort 
  • Supports good posture in students 
  • Encourages movement in the classroom, which in turn leads to greater focus and retention 
  • Makes classroom reconfigurations simple and easy 
  • Students can either swing their legs, rest on the crossbar or use the Patented Swinging Pendulum Footrest Bar when paired with the AlphaBetter Desk 
  • Wide-angle, tip-resistant base 
  • Robust welded steel frame for durability 
  • 13 x 13" seat constructed from ⅝" thick MDF with Thermoplastic Laminate finish (chemical and impact resistant) 
  • Height adjustability in 1.25" increments (range from 21.5" to 35")  
  • Metal swivel glides on the bottom of each stool foot 


  • Adjustability - Height: 21 ½" to 35" 
  • Colour: Black (frame), Black (seat), Beige (seat),  
  • Material(s): Steel (Base), ⅝" MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard (Seat) 
  • Paint / Finish: Black Powder Coat Finish, Kydex® 3D thermoplastic laminate 

Dimensions and Weight: 

  • Finished Product Dimensions: 15 to 19 ¼"W x 15 to 19 ¼"D x 21 ½ to 35"H 
  • Finished Product Weight: 15.1 lbs. 
  • Seat Size: 13" square 

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