The Problem, The Solution, The Offering and Contact Us:

1.  THE PROBLEM:    Inactivity and an increase in sedentary behaviours in the workplace and at home office


2.  THE SOLUTION:   Fitneff provides products and services to:

        • Provide Opportunity for Employee Engagement
        • Encourage Employee Participation
        • Educate Employers and Employees about the Benefits of Reducing Sedentary Behaviours
        • Reward For Employee Participation and Effort
        • Measure Results

    3.  THE OFFERING:    We provide a 'one-stop shop bundle' and it could include:

          • White Glove Service
          • Dedicated health and wellness representative.
          • Assistance with building walking clubs, corporate challenges, StretchAtTheDesk activities, and more.
          • Webinars by health experts, topics: nutrition, weight loss, stress management, health for the corporate traveller tips, ergonomics and more.
          • Seminar by Fitneff Inc, makers of the Walktop Treadmill Desk or by our partner New Balance, on Foot Health and Proper Shoe Fitting.
          • Workplace products: Treadmill Desks, Active Office Accessories for Stretching; Massage; Flexibility & Anti-fatigue Standing Mats.
          • Gift Certificates for incentives and awards.
          • Discounts on all products - corporate employee rates  (See all products) .
    Some of the products we offer: 

    4.  CONTACT US:    Contact us for a free consultation or to learn more about our programs and services and so we can learn more about how we can provide solutions for your company and its' employees via Send us an email link below.

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