Fitneff School contest winner

Congratulations Maryanne from Brampton, ON on winning a free set of three Kore Wobble Stools from our recent contest! We are so excited to be giving this prize away, and we caught up with Maryanne to learn more about how she will use these active stools.


Q: How did you find out about the contest?

I heard about the contest via an email received from Fitneff.


Q: What do you plan on using the Kore Stools for? At the home, in the workplace or in a classroom?

I think us girls in the office might try out the Kore Wobble Stools.  The kids love them, as we use them as alternative seating in some our classrooms.


Q: Do you sit a lot? Have you ever used an active chair or active stool?

Unfortunately, we here in the school office sit quite a bit.  We have never used an active chair or stool but look forward to trying one out.


Q: Does your workplace or school use active seating?  Has this made a difference?

Yes, we do use active seating.  The kids love them!


Q: What do you think some of the benefits are to integrating movement into a classroom or workplace?

We see the benefits integrated movement stools have with the students that have difficulty sitting still.  They enable them to focus more on the task at hand.


Q: Anything else that you would like to share that our readers would be interested in knowing?

We started with just a few stools and have had many staff ask to have them in their classroom, so they are becoming very popular and a valuable tool in the classroom.


Congratulations again to Maryanne on her win, and thank you to everyone who entered our contest this year! 

The Kore Wobble stools come in a wide variety of sizes and colours to suit any classroom or office environment. With a specially designed rounded base, they easily allow extra movement throughout your day so that you can stay active and cut down on a sedentary lifestyle. Shop our Kore Wobble Stool collection today!

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