Congratulations to Kayla from Cochenour, ON!


We are thrilled to announce that Kayla has won our annual school contest giveaway for the YZE Double Student Standing Desk! Kayla is from the Keewatin Patricia District School Board in Ontario, and we caught up with her to ask a few questions about how she will utilize this standing desk in her classroom.



Q: How did you find out about the Fitneff Contest?

A: I saw the Fitneff Contest through Facebook one day.


Q: Is there a specific classroom or student that will be using the desk?

A: The desk will be for my classroom, where any of my students will be welcome to use it throughout the day.  


Q: Have you had experience using a standing desk before?

A: I have had some experience with a standing desk. Some of my students have used one in the past, and I have used them in other schools that I have been in. I really like how they give you a surface to work at while standing as I often get very fidgety when I sit for too long.


Q: What do you think some of the benefits are to integrate movement into a classroom?

A: I think there are a ton of benefits to integrating movement into the classroom. Several of my students have yoga balls that they sit on during lessons and desk work. I have found that my students who struggle with attention are more successful when they are able to move around while working.


Q: Anything else that you would like to share that our readers would be interested in knowing?

A: As a first-year teacher, I am learning a lot about my students and how they learn. I have integrated yoga balls and yoga ball chairs into my classroom (the students have provided their own) and they really enjoy using them. I have set expectations for my students with their yoga balls and have never had a problem (I know this is a big concern for some). I really think it is amazing what our students can do when their learning environment is adjusted to suit their needs.



Congratulations again to Kayla!

Thank you for everyone who entered and participated; we love to see the passion that teachers have for their students’ well-being. 

At Fitneff we have many other great products that integrate movement into the classroom in unique ways. If you are not a winner, please contact Fitneff for special pricing and quotes on our active classroom products. Matt Bolthouse is our Educational Solutions Representative and he would be more than happy to provide you with further information on our products. He can be reached at 888-632-3220 ext. 8 or by email at Get your orders in today to ensure delivery before the start of school in September!