Greg Axani Fitneff Canada

Fitneff is thrilled to welcome Greg Axani into our team as our Inside Sales and Customer Service Manager! Greg has spent the last two years selling office solutions for a major office ergonomics and fitness supply company. He has focused largely on sit-stand desk products and helping customers integrate movement into their workspaces. As a team lead, he trained staff on new products and processes and also assisted team members with sales.

Previous to that experience, he worked as an environment, health and safety consultant across Canada. This position introduced him to ergonomics and how healthy offices should look. 

Outside of work, depending on the season, you can usually find him fly fishing or skiing. He’s also an accomplished photographer capturing both landscapes and wildlife. He has a 95 lb. dog named Fisher who also demands a lot of attention. 

Greg Axani Fitneff Canada

“As a type 1 diabetic, it is very important to me to include movement into my workspace. Items like the InMovement Integrate Desk Pedals allow me to manage my sugars without having to give myself more insulin. Plus, the increased movement helps reduce back pain and I also find it helps lower my stress levels. I really think that we are at the very start of a big shift on how we view workplaces. What used to be static places, are soon becoming more dynamic with the adoption of wireless computer systems and cloud servers. This is allowing people to move their workstation and is allowing for more collaborative, open workplaces that put worker health on the same level as performance. Dynamic workplaces are being introduced to not only help with staff retention, but also to attract high quality recruits.” - Greg Axani

 Greg Axani Fitneff Canada

"We are excited that Greg has joined our Fitneff Team. Our customers will benefit from his extensive experience and expertise with adjustable desks and ergonomic solutions for the office, school and home." -Fitneff CEO & President, Ron Bettin

Greg can be contacted directly at or 1-888-632-3220 ext. 6.

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